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The 2012 football season is coming to a close. The conference championships being played this weekend will mark the official end to the regular season; I know, sad isn’t it. It seems like only yesterday we were kicking the season off.

As usual, the coaches being fired (not retained), have commenced. There are several openings throughout the country; however, most notably in the SEC. Below are a list and my thoughts on potential replacements.


Auburn’s Gene Chizik- I don’t know if there has ever been a faster fall from grace than this. Less than 24 months ago Chizik was hoisting the “Crystal Ball”, now he is looking for a job. Let’s be honest though, had it not been for catching “lightning in a bottle” with Cam Newton, he realistically could have been 7-5 that year.

Possible replacement- On top of list will be Bobby Petrino, despite his marital indiscretions at Arkansas; the guy is a great football coach and will land somewhere. Chad Morris, Clemson’s O.C. name will be thrown around as well. Lastly, Gus Malzhan may have a shot to come back and coach on The Plains.

Arkansas’s John L. Smith- Let’s face it, this guy was in over his head from the jump.

Possible replacement- I believe that Charlie Strong’s name will certainly be a consideration from some of these SEC openings, most notably this one. Also, the two guys from the previous list Malzhan and Morris. Malzhan is currently at Ark. State and has strong ties to the state. Don’t be surprised to see Kirby Smart’s name surface for this and some of the other SEC vacancies as well.

Tennessee’s Derrick Dooley- Dooley clearly was facing an uphill battle from the start. Lane Kiffin had left this program in a mess.

Possible replacement- The Vols are hoping for a big name splash with a name like Jon Gruden, however I think it will be a tough sell to get Gruden out of the booth.  Look for names like Kirby Smart and Strong to be associated with this one as well.

Kentucky’s Joker Phillips- It appeared that Rich Brooks had left Joker in very decent shape to build on what had been created. Phillip’s is a KU guy and it must have been tough to let him go.

Possible replacement- Word on the street is that former KU legendary BB coach Joe B. Hall is pushing hard for his friend Bobby Petrino with this one. I just don’t know if KU is a sexy enough job for Petrino (sorry I couldn’t resist).

N.C. State’s Tom O’Brien- It appeared all the pieces were in place to make “The Pack” relevant in the ACC, however O’Brien couldn’t get them over the hump.

Possible replacement- I think Chad Morris and Charlie Strong would be names you will see surface on this job as well.

I am sure there will be more openings in the coming days and weeks; feel free to leave your comments and opinions on these jobs.

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