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With the 2012 college football season squarely in view, what say we look at some of the storylines of the offseason that figure to roll on through this season, and perhaps beyond? 





Sad State of Affairs in Happy Valley


Who would have believed that the fact we will finally see a college football playoff system would be overshadowed by any other story in college football?  Not I, but it’s the truth.  And for the victims of the disgusting cover-up at Penn State, it is as it should be.  I have to be reminded that legendary Nittany Lions head coach Joe Paterno actually died in the midst of this scandal, a sad fact in its own right. 


The ripple effect of what happened over many years there will continue for many more.  I’m not personally convinced (with at least one obvious exception) which individuals or institutions should bear the brunt of the punishment for child molesting swept under the rug, but one thing is very clear: if we should feel sorry for anyone, or any group, it is that group of boys, many now men, who will live with the pain inflicted on them by a (insert your own word or combination to describe Jerry Sandusky) for the rest of their lives.  As will their families and loved ones.


Sorry, I’ve found it rather difficult to find any humor in that ordeal.


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  1. Jecky says:

    You should stay on your sooabpx, Josh, I like what you have to say. The only thing I would add to the poor reflection on college sports is the absurd practice of paying College football coaches more than the College President. Of course, this potential breakup is all about money.Maybe the athletic revenue helps fund education at some schools, I don’t know. It just seems to me we have lost our direction in so many ways today and the cause can usually be traced back to the dollar. Thank you Dan for maintaining such a great blog. I was in Washington for the first time in several years last weekend and I sincerely believe I never saw it look better. The biggest difference I noticed was the pride people are taking in their lawns, etc. Fabulous swimming pool, college level gymnasium and facilities and the golf course is as good as it gets. I love Washington County and you folks are lucky to live there.

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