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Fresh off their 1998 Big 12 championship season, the Aggies of Texas A&M appeared poised to accept an invitation to the mighty Southeastern Conference, with or without the eastern balance of Florida State (rumors were circulating that the Seminoles were part of the discussion).  That was until SEC officials decided not to invite them to the party, setting up an even more awkward situation in the Little 12, if that is even possible.  It’s akin to dumping your steady girlfriend for the hottest girl in school, at which point the hot girl tells you she’s really not interested after all.  At that point, you have no choice but to crawl back to the one you’ve let go of and say “Listen baby, it was you all along.  It was always you”.


The Little 12 is looking more like a tattered carcass, clearly having its better days behind it, but still providing some choice morsels for passing vultures to pluck off, or at least give a long, hard look at before politely declining and saying “maybe later, if we’re starving”.  Incidentally, if I were to open a road kill restaurant, it would be proudly known as “The Tattered Carcass”.  Yes, I’m well aware of the risk of just throwing that name out there for the taking, but at least I’ll carry with me the satisfaction of knowing I coined it first (as far as I can tell).  Anyhow, back to the present crisis we go.


As much as I want to unload on A&M’s unrealized departure with all the fury my keyboard can muster, I do want to consider what would make sense about this move, which may still be on the radar.  First of all, the Aggies have a large, rabid fan base, and they routinely pack Kyle Field full of sharp-dressed men, and then you throw in the smooching and the push-ups for added drama.  Well, it turns out that’s about all I can think of that warrants such a move.


I understand the desire to get away from the Longhorns, who have ruled the conference with an iron hoof for years now.  Geographically, it should not be a major challenge.  However, when competition is factored in, one has to wonder what they’re thinking in College Station.  Although A&M has been better of late, they haven’t exactly dominated the Big 12 football landscape, and does anyone expect them to have big, early success on their march east?  Natural and former rivalries with Arkansas (happening anyway) and LSU could be intriguing, but they would have to get accustomed to some long plane rides home from Gainesville, Columbia, Tuscaloosa, and other such stops.  If this deal ends up going down, what’s next, allowing girls into the school?  Okay, they actually did that two scores and some change ago, but it seemed fitting to tie it in somehow.

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