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While you may have to fold laundry to pass the time away during the “.375 yards and a cloud of dust” offensive production that will be this season’s BCS National Championship, you’ll want to be well-rested with all faculties intact when you take your seat for the Fiesta Bowl between Oklahoma State and Stanford on January 2.  While we will not find out how this would all stack up against an LSU defense, let’s take a minute to digest the combined offensive numbers these two squads have compiled during this 2011 season, and make room for the chips and salsa:


  • -Points per game: about 93
  • -Yards per game: north of 1000
  • -Quarterback throwing yards:  Let’s call it 4.26 miles for the season
  • -Touchdown passes: 69
  • -And for good measure, each team featured a 1,000-yard running back this year


Stanford QB Andrew Luck is fresh off his second straight Heisman snubbing, and Oklahoma State missed the title game by a precious few little percentage points, so both will have plenty to prove when the footballs take to the desert skies in a couple of weeks.


Writer’s time-out for self-reflection: “Do I think Oklahoma State, all things considered, should be playing in the BCS Championship”.  No, I do not.  If I am an unbiased voter, and I am looking at Alabama and Oklahoma State, the former having lost by a field goal to the number one team in the land, and the latter having lost a heartbreaker to an unranked team, I am giving the nod to ‘Bama every time.  OSU SHOULD have won that game, and SHOULD be playing at LSU’s homecoming game, but they DIDN’T and they’re NOT, plain and simple.


However, consider just how big a deal this is for Oklahoma State.  They have won their first outright conference title since Columbus discovered Stillwater or something.  This is their very first BCS bowl.  They beat Oklahoma and Texas in the same season.  They now claim some of the grandest facilities in all of college football.  I did not say the biggest; I said the grandest.  Recruiting is likely only on its way up in Stillwater.  Point being, this is a program on the rise, and Oklahoma, et. al. are going to have to get used to the Cowboys actually being a good team.


As for Stanford, I felt like they were a better team last year, but this is still a very good team and a very good program.  I thought it was a class act, if a bit crazy, for Luck to return for another year of it despite losing his head coach and a Heisman finalist running back.  I don’t know that Oregon is 23 points better than the Cardinal, but they were on November 12.  Coming off the coaching change alone, this was a very impressive run for Stanford and getting to square off against the Pokes is a nice reward for their efforts.


As for a prediction, well, let’s just say I thought Oklahoma State – Oklahoma would be close, so forgive me if I refrain from picking a score.  Of all the bowl games, big, small, or somewhere in the middle, this one may have the most entertainment value.


I don’t know if anyone caught the ESPN special on the Cowboys a couple of months back, but apparently their offensive coordinator, Todd Monken, has a mouth from the same mold as John Gruden and that ilk.  He’s probably cursing himself into a frenzy over preparations for this one.  For the sake of OSU fans, I hope he’s able to mix in some tangible advice for his offense with an otherwise expletive-saturated monologue.  “Can someone @#$%&*! give me a $##@!%*& route to save his @!# before I go ape *@#! on him and the rest of you *@#!$!% losers”.   –“We love you too coach”.




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  1. BB says:

    Thanks DP. Good call on the Oregon comparison. It could be trending that direction. These Big 12 schools are going to have to recruit defensively, too, to give the SEC schools a run when it counts.

  2. DP says:

    great article Brady! I agree that this game will be awesome (imaging how much more awesome it would be if it were part of a playoff)… and that both teams have much to prove.
    Interesting that you note the “state of affairs” in Stillwater; I too think the nation better watch out for the Cowboys in the seasons to come. They have amazing facilities and now have some wins to go with it. Kind of reminds me what happened at Oregon (Phil Knight = T. Boone Pickens), the Ducks started winning and now are a force in recruiting CA… maybe OK State can do the same in TX.

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