Brady Baylor

Brady was born and raised in Turpin, Oklahoma, within the desolate expanse of land known as the Oklahoma Panhandle.  With no water, trees, hills, or other land features lending themselves to recreational opportunities, he, like the other town and country folk, took a liking to the game of football.  His first experience at a college football game was in 1985, watching the Oklahoma Sooners of the then Big 8 conference annihilate the hapless Kansas State Wildcats.  Early impressions of the sport were that, in order to be truly successful like the Sooners’ outrageous defensive leader of the day, Brian Bozworth, one should sport a trend-setting haircut and pump himself full of steroids.


While never blessed with any measure of talent for the game, Brady was a walk-on, 3rd string punter for a DII school in central Oklahoma.  Terrified that he would actually be called upon to take the field in a pressure situation (as often happens to 3rd string punters), he abandoned his playing career after one short season and began to relish his new role in the sport as a mere spectator, where he found much of the excitement without any need for commitment or talent.  He considers his faith and family (wife and 3 boys) his priorities, but also really enjoys new socks and his wife’s or Mamma’s chocolate chip cookies.  Pet peeves include environmentalists, littering, and being forced to refer to himself in the third person.