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This week’s addition of SEC Commissioner Slive’s suspension is brought to you courtesy of South Carolina’s hard hitting safety DJ Swearinger.


However, unlike last week’s suspension of Ole Miss Safety Trae Elston, this suspension was justified.




 Anyone that has frequented this site knows I have been very harsh on some of these calls and the affect it will/can have on the game I love. I am very concerned about the hard hitting “integrity” of the game, however in this case it was clearly “head to head” hit, and thus the penalty and suspension was warranted.

I encourage and welcome your feedback on this subject…

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  2. Sportsdawg says:

    I agree that we have to protect the hard-hitting integrity of the game. It is a violent game and there is a need to end helmet-to-helmet blows. I think every one of us who loves the game enjoys a clean, hard hit as much as we do a great catch or a big offensive play.

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