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Was it just me, or was the Mountaineer himself drawing a bead on LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu after having enough of his antics during LSU’s 47-21 route of West Virginia in Morgantown on Saturday night?  Mathieu is making play after play in this early season and things were no different in this contest.  Sure, WVU made it close a couple of times, even later in the game, but then LSU would simply return a kickoff for a touchdown or, if LSU couldn’t do it on their own, a Mountaineer receiver would tip a perfectly catchable ball into the patient hands of a Tiger defensive back.


In this world of tweets, we see the oft-unfiltered thoughts of the masses, much like what you’d find about two hours into a frat party.  In one of the more curious ones I’ve come across lately, an (apparent) WVU fan suggested that LSU should assume the #1 slot and, perhaps, the Mountaineers could slide into #2 or #3 with a possible rematch in a bowl game.  Now, maybe I missed something, but you just got drubbed by 26 points…in your own cabin, and you think there is no team standing between LSU and yours?


Now that LSU has supplanted Oklahoma in the AP poll, my question is, why not the USA Today/Coach’s poll as well?  The Sooners got down early to a Missouri squad that is clearly not as talented as last year’s team that beat OU in Columbia.  Are we to believe that Oklahoma could survive the wrong end of a 14-0 start against LSU, or Alabama for that matter?  Oklahoma is off to a 3-0 start and, despite Saturday’s performance, has done nothing to hurt its chances to be in the mix in a few months, but they can ill afford to take a quarter off here and there against a few of the teams left on their schedule.


While Alabama has not been hogging the spotlight of late, they are certainly doing their part to play their way back into it.  They cruised past Arkansas 38-14 and, should they survive a trip to The Swamp next weekend (and why wouldn’t they, with their massive, long legs trudging through a shallow swamp), do you think anyone will be looking forward to a November 5 showdown versus LSU?  I, for one, will be.


Finally, how about a hearty dose of condolences to the Tulsa Golden Hurricane?  Tulsa started off the 2011 schedule with a trip to Norman to see the #1 Sooners.  They got a breather against the Tulane Green Wave in week 2, then hosted #8 Oklahoma State in week 3, before traveling to Boise for a date with the #4 Broncos yesterday.  In the three matchups against top 10 teams, they came out on the light end of a 141-68 score.  Adding injury to insult, they lost quarterback G.J. Kinne in their game against Oklahoma State, which finally got going at 12:16 am CST after, you guessed it, a hurricane.  Fine, it wasn’t a hurricane, but it rained really hard for a really long time, and they wrapped it up at 3:35 am, just in time to the hit the Waffle House before the pre-church rush.  In the battle against Tulane, however, Tulsa’s inland hurricane bested a colored wave that actually hails from a coastal area, 31-3.  This had to be a blow to the pride of a school, and a region for that matter, that suffers from actual hurricanes on occasion.



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  1. Dan says:

    Great article Brady. My early mid-season thoughts are, OU will run the table & face the winner of LSU/Bama for the National Championship. Which , if this plays out IMO would be fitting.

    • Brady says:

      Thanks Dan. I think that could certainly happen, but OU has ample opportunities to blow it between now and then. Getting there is half the fun, right?

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