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It appears that there could be trouble on “The Plains”. Today several reports surfaced concerning alleged allegations in and around Auburn University’s football program.

This isn’t the first time we have been exposed to alleged allegatons concerning AU, however these appear to be the most damming.



USA Today posted an article earlier today. But the most cophrensive articles was posted by Selena Roberts on her site roopstigo.com. Selena is a former columinist for The New York Times and Sports Illustrated.

From the USA Today article:

Auburn coaches offered cash payments to players, for reasons varying from a potential early entry into the NFL draft to simply having “a bad day at practice,” Roberts reports. Former wide receiver Darvin Adams alleged that coaches offered cash to lure him away from entering the draft; while Adams wouldn’t disclose the sum, both Blanc and another former teammate, Mike McNeil, put the total at “several thousand dollars.”

The in depth accounts are disturbing, and if found to be true could prove to be epic. However, given the recent history of the NCAA’s history of investigating (Miami..cough cough) the Keystone Cops will probably botch this up as well.


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  1. Andrew says:

    I have as much faith in the NCAA as the Government. Awbarn…is as guilty as Marcellus(probably wrong spelling) Darius was at Ala. Remember the trip we went on to Miami.The NCAA ruled he was grieving the loss of his grand mother and eligible to play. However, the same year AJ Green gets popped 4 games for saling a jersey. YES, I am still bitter…but this explanation goes to show you the NCAA sanctions that are handed out are as consistent as a shotgun pattern……

  2. JS says:

    Great points Neal. Yes, it’s unfortunate that there probably won’t be much done. But we all know, where there is smoke….well you know

    • Neal Perry says:

      The whole deal with Newton was shady from the start, but the Auburn athletic organization, is pretty good at covering their tracks. Eventually though, somebody will spill the beans and it all depends on how well the allegations are investigated by the broken NCAA, and how much credence the players words are given. Personally, I think the NCAA will want to kick the whole mess under the rug, because if the allegations are true, it points once again to the incompetence of the enforcement division of the NCAA.

  3. Neal Perry says:

    Sooner or later, you knew it was going to catch up to them. Too bad it might also involve the Florida head coach as well, although I doubt much would be done to him, now that he is no longer there. the same goes for the cop0aches, now not associated with the game, although you would think it might have an adverse effect on future employment. The Carolina Panthers will still employ Cam Newton, so over all, if it is ever seriously investigated by the NCAA, probably not a lot will be done in the end. If these allegations are true though, they might be forced to forfeit some games, and possibly even the BCS title, but who knows. The NCAA has such a poor record of being able to enforce the rules they made as it is.

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