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Top 10 Roundup




#1 Alabama did what Alabama does, which is win by a convincing margin over anyone in its path.  Missouri, this week’s victim, continues its miserable march through SEC competition, still in search of that elusive first conference win. 


On to #3 South Carolina, which had become a recent regular in early-to-mid-season title talk.  The Gamecocks strutted into Death Valley to meet the Tigers, who were more than happy to hand them their first loss of the season, albeit in a tight 23-21 contest. 


Of course, being from a Big 12 home base, I’m most interested in trying to make sense of unranked Texas Tech laying the wood to #5 West Virginia.  Being a remote outpost in West Texas, word will occasionally fail to reach Lubbock in time to let them know they have no business competing with a team the caliber of West Virginia, let alone thrashing them.  Such was apparently the case Saturday, as Red Raider QB Seth Doege went off for about 500 yards passing and 6 TDs in his best Geno Smith impression of the year.  Smith, incidentally, was content to watch Doege and offer little resistance, offering up only 275 yards and 1 TD passing for his part.  Clearly, the Mountaineers were stunned by the utter flatness of the West Texas plains and were thrown off their game.  They may have had to pipe John Denver into the aircraft speaker system on the way home to offer consolation with “West Virginia, mountain mama, take me home…”. 


Apart from #1 Alabama and #10 Oregon State, every top 10 team in action was tested.  #4 Florida won by 14 over Vandy, but it felt closer.  #6 Kansas State only had a margin of 6 over pesky Iowa State.  #7 Nort Dam (as my young son once called it), needed overtime and a controversial goal line stand to hold off #17 Stanford 20-13.  And Urban Meyer and his ineligible-for-post-season-play #8 Buckeyes held a track meet with Indiana in a 52-49 win.  


Delving into non-top 10 action for a moment, #13 Oklahoma sampled the deep-fried Longhorn at the Texas State Fair in crushing #15 Texas 63-21.  This one seemed to be as evenly matched as ever coming in, but OU jumped all over Texas on both sides of the ball from the onset, having their way with them in virtually every category, save for a blocked PAT attempt after the first touchdown, which Texas returned the distance for 2 points in what seemed like a potentially pivotal play at the time, but turned into much ado about nothing in the end. 


By the way, initial BCS standings have been posted.  The SEC jumps out to an early, if predictable lead with four representatives, including numbers 1 and 2 Alabama and Florida.  The Pac 12 comes in strong with 3 teams in the top 10, including not one, but two from the state of Oregon alone.  Could this be the first Beaver sighting ever in the BCS top 10?  I don’t know, because I’m just too lazy to do the research right now, but good for them.  The Big 12 features #4 Kansas State and #9 Oklahoma, and unaffiliated Notre Dame checks in at #5.  Don’t get too comfortable yet, as a quick count reveals at least five head-to-head matchups remaining between these top 10 BCS teams.   

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