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Ahh the quarterback… the hero, the goat, the leader, the cancer, the face of the team, the cardiac kid, the gunslinger, the pill popper, the overweight “purple drank” guzzler (JaMarcus Russell), the fan favorite, the drunken trouble maker(Stephen Garcia), the backup should be starting instead of him, the Heisman hopeful, the _________ (fill in insert) quarterback. However you slice it, as the cadence caller goes, so goes your team. Depending on the flag you fly, your QB will either be the reason why your team is successful this season or the reason your team poops their proverbial beds. I personally agree with the old adage about coaches and quarterbacks getting too much credit for winning and too much blame for losing; but after all, the QB does possess the ball on nearly every down and it’s up to him to put that ball over the opposition’s goal line and not in the hands of the opposition. The one saving grace for a quarterback’s (and/or coaches’) miscues during an upsetting loss is, of course, the kicker. These poor stiffs can completely erase a 8 for 32,  0 TD, 3 INT performance just by banking a go ahead 4th qtr 42 yarder off the upright… and maybe rightfully so. Before I drift too far out of my lane, allow me to point out that so many good players at the collegiate level play the greatest position, in the greatest sport of all time. But to be honest, if you are playing QB in division I football you are pretty damn good (or your dad happens to be the coach, eh Cody Hawkins?). Of the 120 starting quarterbacks in division I football, which of them are considered the best of the best for 2011? I’ve compiled a short list of the top shot callers in college football. Feel free to disagree


#9 Robert Griffin (Baylor) Griffin is not just a runner. He may have set Texas high school track records in the 110 and 300 meter hurdles and won a Big 12 title in the 400-meter hurdles, but he makes plays just as well with his arm. I know I know, he plays for Baylor; but this law school bound military brat rejected offers from Nebraska and Tennessee in order to play QB for the Bears. He is incredibly fun to watch, unless of course you are an opposing D coordinator.


#8 Case Keenum (Houston) A “super senior” who was granted a 6th year of eligibility by the NCAA; Keenum sat out the last nine games of the season in 2010 after getting his knee carved up trying to make a tackle against UCLA. He will get a chance for revenge when his Cougs’ face the Bruins in week 1. The Abilene, TX native is damn near erasing Hawaii’s Timmy Chang’s and Texas Tech’s Graham Harrell’s names from the NCAA career record books. Keenum’s downfall is staying healthy; if he can keep his body intact, he should be one of the top QBs drafted next year.


 #7 Denard Robinson (Michigan) Here’s to you Mr. Robinson, heaven holds a place for those who make plays, hey hey hey. Corny effort on my part to be clever, but nothing about this guy’s game is lame. When he gets outside of the pocket, look the hell out! Denard had an amazing start last season and had the blue and maize faithful believing again… until they began Big10 league play, at which point nagging injuries and losses began to stack up. There were offseason talks about Robinson transferring or maybe switching positions, but those rumors deemed untrue. Look for Denard to continue his streak on ESPN’s top ten plays, he’s a freaking human highlight reel with his feet.


#6 Brandon Weeden (Oklahoma State) This dude has serious pocket presence and a cannon of an arm. He has an arsenal of weapons to throw to including Justin Blackmon (who might be Weeden’s stiffest competition in the Heisman race). Blackmon is a beast who plays much bigger than his 6-1 215lbs frame will lead you to believe. Weeden is a leader who will front the cowboys’ charge to Big 12 contenders.


#5 Aaron Murray (Georgia) This Red Shirt Sophomore is considered by many to be the best quarterback in the SEC.  Murray started all 13 games last season and put up notable numbers, throwing for 24 TDS and 8 INTS. The Bulldogs have high hopes for Murray to perform between the hedges this year, with more of an emphasis on the ‘W’ column and he has the skills to get it done.


#4 Matt Barkley (Southern California) So what if USC is ineligible for post season play? Matt Barkley is the real deal. Barkley is primed and ready for his 3rd year as a starter for the Trojans. I mentioned how Brandon Weeden has weapons, but Barkley has WMDs in Robert Woods,  Brandon Carswell, and true freshman Marqise Lee.


#3 Kellen Moore (Boise State) A Heisman finalist last year and will be attending the banquet at Radio City Music Hall again this year. He may look like Napoleon Dynamite, but the kid can throw a football over mountains like Uncle Rico.


#2 Andrew Luck (Stanford) Another Heisman finalist from last season and quite possibly the 9ers number one draft pick next year. In my eyes, Luck is the front runner for this year’s Heisman, ahead of Landry Jones; because unlike Jones, Luck won’t have to go undefeated to get it. The bad luck for Luck is that he will be without his trusty coach Jim Harbaugh on the sidelines.


#1 Landry Jones (Oklahoma) Landry Jones is the best quarterback in college football this year. Nobody at the position has the vision this guy has. Do yourself a solid and watch his footwork and ability to look off safeties. Jones is insanely accurate at firing bullets to the ever revealing deep out routes; a skill that all NFL scouts use as a benchmark for the league. Jones is mobile in and outside of the pocket and throws a beautiful deep ball. If Jones can handle the pressure of his team’s preseason number 1 ranking and maintain it all year, he should be hoisting the Heisman along with the national title trophy… and growing back the ‘stache wouldn’t hurt either.


Honorable Mention:

Nick Foles (Arizona)

Taylor Martinez (Nebraska)

Darron Thomas (Oregon)

John Brantley (Florida)

Tim Jefferson (Air Force Academy)

G.J. Kinnes (Tulsa)

Tyler Wilson (Arkansas)

Stephen Garcia (South Carolina)




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  1. Welch says:

    I personally think Denard Robinson and Taylor Martinez are the two best quarterbacks on the list…….

    for the first 3-4 games. After they are done playing all the teams made up of guys who could play for St Theresea Catholic it’s over for them.

    You just can’t take those kind of hits, and run to the outside on big ten defenses. That being said they are both incredible athletes…

    On a side note Case Keenum reminds me of my favorite former Iowa basketball player Jess Settles. I am pretty sure Jess was the Van Wilder of the Hawkeye basketball team, and played for them for nearly a decade. Jess was on the team while I still had braces, and when i was old enough to buy my first beer.

    Did you forget Russell Wilson from Wisconsin?

  2. TD says:

    Not even honorable mention for Russel Wilson?!

    • TD says:


      • Craig Blaser says:

        Not sure how I forgot about Russel Wilson, maybe I lost him in the transfer from NC State much like big10 defenses will be missing tackles on him. Very quick with his feet and he can heave it too. Should be on my list… Sorry Badger fans

  3. JRM says:

    What’s up with the tight jeans and sweet van at the top of the article? Sweet van……….

    • CB says:

      It’s Uncle Rico from the movie Napoleon Dynamite. The picture on the homepage shows it a little better

  4. truth sayer says:

    Luck Not #1???

  5. Justin says:

    Another great article, although difficult to focus on the story when Uncle Rico’s crank is looking me square in the eye.

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