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Tired of talking conference shakeups and shenanigans yet?  Me too but, as a fan of a Nebulous Nine team, I certainly am interested in which coast my team will be traveling to three or four times a season.  As gray hairs start to dot the once proud landscape of my balding head, I have a bedtime to think about, and Pacific Time would test my mettle to be sure.  With the latest developments, however, it sounds as if the middle of the country will, in fact, retain its power conference, if we dare make such a lofty reference at this point.  The USA Today/Assistant-to-the-Assistant Coaches poll currently gives the Big 12 credit for claiming the numbers 1, 6, 13, 16, and 17-ranked teams in the country, so on a performance basis, the word power has some merit in this discussion.


To what do we owe this sudden stability, what with its six-year commitment by remaining member institutions (except for those pesky Missouri Tigers, who are playing hard to keep)?  Well, it could be that they retained the services of Methuselah himself, or at least those of the spry Chuck Neinas, former Big 8 commissioner from that bygone era, in an effort to settle things down a bit on the plains.  Speaking of plains, why is Auburn, Alabama referred to as the plains?  Well, it’s very likely that the founders of what was originally known as Eastern Alabama Male College had never been any farther west, where they would have encountered endless expanses of featureless landscape, generally found west of Interstate 35 from Texas, up through Oklahoma, and points north.  I could go on and on about the early goings-on at EAMC, but I’ll stop for the sake of brevity.


Where was I?  Oh, yes, the renewal of hope for college football fans on the actual plains.  Anyway, as I was saying, ‘ol Chuck is here for an undetermined period of time to shed some ageless wisdom on this tenuous situation, if not settle in for a second career.  Watching him being interviewed with the backdrop of the breathtaking Flatirons near Boulder, CO (in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains), I can only assume that the granola-crunching crowd finally got to him and forced him out of retirement, however brief his stint may be.  No, I don’t mean they cared anything about his career, but that they literally drove him insane, which is likely the mental state he must be in to accept the position he has.


Where do we go from here?  Will a 10th be added, or an 11th, or will we drop back to the golden era of 8?  Who knows, but can’t they all just get along so the rest of us can get back to the simplicity of watching football?!



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