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Well, it’s finally here, the SEC Championship game……

As much as the talking heads at ESPN and the powers that be in College Football hate it, the winner of this game will play Notre Dame for the National Championship. The SEC will be attempting to capture an unfathomable seventh National Championship in a row.


You will see in tomorrow’s SEC Championship why the SEC is king. Physical hard hitting football and speed that is only seen in the NFL.

As I watch Herbstreit and the gang on ESPN, and every other talking head for that matter, argue about Oregon or K State(plug in the flavor of the month team); I have to fight off the urge to throw something at the TV. You will hear them comment on UGA’s weak schedule to try and discredit any way they can.

The SEC rules the college football world for a reason.

I wish we could somehow magically take Oregon and some of these other teams that continually are propped up by ESPN and place them in either division of the SEC. I am convinced that at the end of the year they would have a minimum of three losses. Conversely, if you could magically place some of the “middle of the road” teams in the SEC (Ole Miss, Ark., Miss. State, Vandy)and place them in the Pac12 or Big10, they would more than likely win the conference.

This is my point,if you haven’t gotten it yet. At the end of the year some of these SEC teams that have losing records (or not stellar records) are being counted against UGA’s and Alabama’s (for that matter) strength of schedule. And ironically the only reason they don’t have stellar records is BECAUSE they are in the SEC.

We have allowed these guys to continually try to define this without being called on it. Frankly, I am sick and tired of it.

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  1. JS says:

    Thanks for reading & taking the time to post “crazy irishman”

  2. Crazy Irishman says:

    I can’t disagree that the SEC is a fine conference. The competition is some of the best anywhere in the nation, but my only disappointment is the continued need for them to schedule 3 cupcake games on avg a year with schools that probably would have a difficult time being a upper level FCS Championship caliber school. My examples “this year” are Alabama, Georgia, and Florida (and I am selecting them because they are currently ranked #2, 3, and 4 in the nation) needing to play teams annually like Bowling Green, LA- Lafayette, Jacksonville State, Western Carolina, Florida Atlantic, Buffalo, Georgia Southern, and Western Kentucky with a combined avg record of 4-6. Why not schedule teams that are more to the level of there competition week in and week out. Go play an ACC team, or a Big 12 team. That would be exciting. Yes Alabama did play Michigan at he beginning of the season, but who did they play after that outside of LSU, and Texas A&M. NOBODY!! Bottom line is from my view point you need to graduate the players. 2012 Graduation numbers: Notre Dame led the nation with 97% (3rd year in a row), Florida 76%, Alabama 69%, and Georgia 65%. Then you need to stop playing all these cupcake teams and show that the SEC is the power both in the classroom and on the field. I am probably in the minority, but I love to see the schools like Duke, Vanderbilt, Stanford, Notre Dame, do well because they do not waiver on the tough academic standards for the most part. I wish the Bulldogs the best tomorrow since I would love to have the opportunity to get my manhood back from 1980. Either way I am excited about the turnaround that Notre Dame has experienced. I believe that we will actually be better next year as I share earlier in the season I thought we were a year off with the schedule we had to face.

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