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The Mountain West Conference declares Boise State’s blue uniforms unfair competitive advantage.  It appears that the new Sony Pictures Animation version of The Smurfs are not the only boys in blue taking flack these days. Officials from the Mountain West Conference have ruled in favor of MWC coaches’ plea to ban Boise State from wearing their all blue uniforms for home games, arguing that it gives the Broncos “an unfair competitive advantage.”

As absurd as it might sounds, opposing coaches may have valid reason for their case. I mean the Broncos have won 63 of their last 65 home games on the infamous blue turf. Perhaps Boise receivers and backs seem to blend into the blue like Ray Liotta did into those corn fields in Iowa. Another sound argument is that it is difficult for opposing teams to get usable game film on the broncos due to poor contrasting between the surface of the field and the matching uniforms.

Let’s get real Mountain West Conference. As if it wasn’t a big enough slap in the face to the blue men group that Utah left. Could it be that the “unfair competitive advantage” is that Boise State football has a knack for recruiting good talent and pulling off incredibly exciting plays? Just ask Oregon for their thoughts. What’s next? The BigTen declaring that Michigan State’s forest green unis are just too much for the Gophers and Nittany Lions to handle? Just be happy that Boise State has made your conference somewhat relevant in the scheme of collegiate athletics.

By Craig Blaser


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  1. Cdiddy says:

    But the one thing that Bobby forgot to mention is that in the last five years Boise State is 7-3 against top 25 teams. Not only that, but Utah who was a powerhouse last year in the MWC took a devastating 26-3 loss to Boise State in the MAACO bowl. Although Boise State played in a crappy conference they knew how to win when they had to, and had the talent to do it. Boise State has to be the favorite to win the MWC Title considering that there only competition in the conference will come from TCU and Air Force. Boise State is a good team and to try and say that a blue field is why they are winning, or blue jerseys, is ridiculous.

  2. Bobby says:

    The one thing that Dub forgot to mention about Boise State winning. Boise State’s wins have had more to do with the quality of teams or, more accurately, the lack of quality of the teams that they have been playing. Boise State will soon quietly slip into college football history to never be heard of again as they are finally attempting to put on their big boy pants and actually play real football teams.

  3. The Dub in Denver says:

    Great piece! Well written and very valid points for and against the Broncos. The field is still 100 yards long and 55 yards wide, and the color or the grass should not matter. It is like saying if the Cleveland Browns painted the field Orange they would win more games? PLEASE! They would still be the Browns at the bottom of the barrel. Players make the team what it is, not the color of the grass or the uniforms they wear.

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