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As we dive headlong into the 2012-2013 college football bowl season, what a better way to kick it off but to digest a little bowl history trivia.  We’ll look at ten (10) questions and answers ranging from silly to just plain trivial in nature.  Sure, there’ll be plenty of serious bowl talk to come, but let’s first take a brief stroll down bowl memory lane.



1)     What team has the most bowl wins in college football history?

  1. a.       Alabama with 31 wins

2)     What team has the best bowl winning percentage in college football history?

  1. a.       Penn State with an all-time bowl record of 26-12-2, or .675

3)     What team has had the most consecutive seasons with bowl game victories?

  1. a.       Florida State finished with a win 11 times in a row from 1985 to 1996

4)     What is the coldest temperature ever played in during a college football bowl game?

  1. a.       I couldn’t find the answer to my own question with this one, but I found an interesting little nugget worth sharing anyway; apparently, during WWII, the Pacific Coast Conference’s northern winner played their southern winner in the Rose Bowl, and Oregon had to square off against Washington State to break a tie for the right to a Rose Bowl appearance; with a kickoff temperature of -43 degrees F, the game was called at halftime when Oregon managed to score; the two spectators reportedly shared fire barrels with players to avoid instant death; I love football and all, but I’m guessing I would have stayed home in front of the digital fireplace on my 55’ LED high-def TV instead

5)     Who scored the most rushing touchdowns in a single bowl game in college football history?

  1. a.       You guessed it, Neil Snow of Michigan took it to the house five (5) times when the Wolverines pummeled Stanford 49-0 in the 1902 Rose Bowl; but wait, there’s more: Oklahoma State’s Barry Sanders (not sure who he is) matched the Snowman with five (5) of his own against Wyoming during the Holiday Bowl in 1988, a 62-14 beating of Cowboys, by Cowboys; here’s what we can infer about the future of this record: the record will be matched or broken in the year 2074 in a bowl game played on the west coast; should I make to age 100, I’ll be sure to tune in; I hope you’ll consider joining me

6)     What player had the most total tackles in a single bowl game in college football history?

  1. a.       Alabama’s Lee Roy Jordan brought down 31 Sooners in a 17-0 Tide win over Oklahoma in the 1963 Orange Bowl; all I’m saying is that if OU couldn’t figure out how to run away from Lee Roy sometime before he amassed 31 tackles, they had it coming to them

7)     What coach has won the most bowl games in college football history?

  1. a.       On paper, Joe Paterno won 24 to Bobby Bowden’s 22

8)      Which is the oldest bowl game in college football?

  1. a.       No surprise to many, the Rose Bowl was first played January 1, 1902

9)     What team squeaked out a 14-6 victory in the 1950 Bean Bowl?

  1. a.       Who could forget Doane over Northern Colorado in Scottsbluff, NE that year?

10) Finally, who hasn’t wondered what the bowl record for most combined fumbles is in college football history?

  1. a.       Alabama and Mississippi combined for 17 fumbles in the 1964 Sugar Bowl, a number which fell only 2 points shy of the 19 total points scored in a 12-7 Alabama win



Well folks, there you have it.  Ten trivia questions to jumpstart conversations, involve the wives while you have your eyes trained on the tube, or generate some interest for the non-football fan who just came over to eat your food.

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