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Fall Saturdays and college football simply belong together, much like food stamps and cigarettes.  It’s difficult to imagine one without the other.  Ever since the first documented intercollegiate match-up between Princeton and Rutgers back in 1869 (Rutgers emerged victorious in a 6-4 slug-fest), delirious fans have been frothing at the mouth, and cup, for more action.  Don’t worry, this is no sales pitch for the sport, or the tried-and-true “my sport is better than your sport” argument.  No, this is just a celebration of another season to come because of what we love about seasons that were.

It’s a well-known fact that 77% of American men aged twenty to forty-five were merely a blown knee away from a major college football scholarship.  Amazingly, that scholarship opportunity always came from their favorite team.   The other 23% of us are well aware that our 5.7-second forty time was destined to leave us woefully short of our dream of playing running back at the next level.  However, we’ve managed to carve out a nice little niche in criticizing the freakishly athletic eighteen to twenty-two-year-old guys who did parlay their talents into a free trip to school.  We’re so committed to our cause that we’ll lose sleep, avoid Thanksgiving dinner with family members whose allegiances are to rival schools, and even mistreat our wives and children.  I’ll offer no defense for these actions, but I do believe they’re known to happen.

Not only will I offer no defense for this behavior but I’ll challenge you, my fellow fan, to reserve your most furious passions for that three hour window when the game is actually being played.  You see, as fans, we really don’t have an actual impact on the outcome of the game, short of going Tonya Harding on the opponent’s quarterback or some such absurdity.  On the other hand, some of us have special people in our lives that just don’t understand why we get all worked up over a “silly” game.  For instance, when my oldest son was but a few weeks old, my beloved Sooners were vying for a national title (in what would become their 7th, for those keeping score at home) against Florida State back in early 2001.  My lovely wife, an emotional train wreck at that point, could not understand why I didn’t want to hold my infant child during the game, and why I was so engaged in the football ordeal to begin with.  And this is coming from a coach’s daughter!  Incidentally, Oklahoma would go on to lose 12 national title games in the decade to come, or at least it seems like it.  So, my point in all this is that we should seek to strike that delicate balance between the enjoyment of a great game and outright insanity.  Bring on Fall 2011!


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  1. LQ says:

    “That delicate balance” is very hard to achieve. That being said, never-mind a balance and watch the game.

    Enjoyed the post Brady!

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