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Well, this past weekend saw several great games and among them, the list of undefeated teams shrank by two. Clemson and K State saw their chance at an undefeated season dashed.

This past weekend also included the annual rivalry (hate fest) that is the Georgia/Florida game, aka. “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party”. This series has certainly been dominated by UF over the past 20 years, winning 17 of 20. However, after Saturday’s contest dawg fans can find some solace that this trend is turning. The dawgs have now won 3 of the last 8, by the way, if you don’t remember; UF won 2 National Championships during this span. So, they pretty much dominated everyone during this time period.










Now, I bet you are wondering about the title to this article, right? Well, if there wasn’t enough drama surrounding this great rivalry; Florida hired former UGA safety Will Muschamp this past off season as their new head coach. Now, Will being the new coach on the block and certainly wanting to impress the gator faithful, it seems he made a promise he couldn’t deliver on.

As the story goes, during the spring booster club tour stop at the Atlanta Gator Club banquet, Muschamp had the following conversation with a female fan. Here is a slightly modified transcript from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“Coach, I’m getting married soon and he’s a Georgia fan and …”

“That’s not my fault,” Muschamp said.

“My wedding is on the same day as the Florida-Georgia game,” she continued. “I was wondering: Can you guarantee Florida will win?”

Muschamp responded: “I certainly can.”

Now, the question is what Coach Muschamp can possibly do to make amends with this newlywed bride. At the very least, she will have to live in shame for the next 365 days. Constantly being reminded of this dreadful loss; by her proud, boastful and obnoxious UGA husband. This will/could lead to a quick divorce. How could the new coach have been so thoughtless and what can make this right?

Your thoughts are welcome on how Coach Muschamp can make amends…..



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  1. UGA70 says:

    Agree, beat USCe!!

  2. GoDAWGSsicem says:

    Fire Charlie Weiss.

  3. B Parham says:

    Beat South Carolina !!!

    • Justin says:

      Hey, Parham just like a worthless Dawg fan wanting someone else to what your bulldogs couldn’t do!

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