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This year’s Outback Bowl is in my mind, one of the biggest non BCS Bowl’s being played. The winner can add to an already impressive season and it will also have enormous implications for a positive offseason and a successful 2012.

When UGA and Michigan St. take the field on January 2nd both teams may think they are looking in the mirror. Both finished at 10-3 and 7-2 Conference, both losing their Conference Championship games. Also, each team runs a pro style offense and has smothering defenses.

For Georgia they will have to regain their offensive prowess that seemed to disappear in the SEC Championship game. It will be very important for Georgia to be able to establish the run, which will open up the play action. One guy I am anxious to see is Ken “Boo” Malcome, he has shown consistent   improvement and I look for him to have a big game. On defense, UGA will had a way to find a way to put pressure on Kirk Cousins, the senior QB has thrown for over 3000 yards and can make defenses pay if he has time to throw the ball.

On the Michigan State side of the ball on offense, they must also establish the run. Similar to UGA’s pro style offense, everything is predicated off of the run. MSU has a bruising RB in Le’Veon Bell and at 6’2 237 lbs; he is a load to bring down. The offsetting styles of Bell and the smaller Edwin Baker have provided over 1500 yards in rushing this year. On defense the Spartans are anchored by All American lineman Jerel Worthy, which could create some major issues for UGA’s passing attack.

It is very hard to not let my red and black bias bleed over into my predictions; however I will attempt to do my best. It is often said in bowl games; whichever team is happier playing in the bowl and has more on the line will win. I will stick with this theme and predict a Georgia victory. My belief is UGA is ecstatic about their turnaround from last year’s 6-7 disaster, and are excited about playing in the Outback Bowl.

UGA 28 – MSU 17




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    What a game. What an amazing day of college football!

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