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While conventional wisdom might suggest a conestoga wagon and its occupants would want no part of a horse-mounted chief with scary paint and a spear, gridiron history has proven otherwise, as Oklahoma ran its record versus Florida State to 6-1 all-time with Saturday night’s win.  Hopefully, most clear-thinking Oklahoma fans did not expect a repeat of last year’s annihilation of the Seminoles on Oklahoma’s own reservation, and a repeat it certainly was not.


Florida State may not be ready to contend for a title just yet (beyond the ACC that is), but this is clearly a much-improved team over what we saw last year.  Athletes in the state of Florida are about as uncommon as pot smokers at a rock concert, so the fact that the Seminoles can run and jump was not a surprise, but they’ve now got game to go with it.


To those who tuned in on Saturday night, I know it’s tempting to think of what may have happened with FSU quarterback E.J. Manuel still in the game (he missed the last 20 minutes with a shoulder injury), but consider passing accuracy as a component of this discussion.  Meaning?  From what I could tell, Manuel has lots of tools, but he was not exactly hitting all his receivers.  What backup Clint Trickett lacked in mobility compared to Manuel, he seemed to make up for it by being able to dial up a receiver.  Fortunately for Trickett, this contest was not held in Norman, where even a modest Saturday night breeze would have sent him drifting into the upper deck like a loose pizza coupon.  Are we really supposed to think he weighs as much as 165 lbs.?


Meanwhile, the Sooners were bringing it all night long on defense, which helped offset a sputtering offense, a unit that is usually nothing short of a juggernaut.  Defenders at all three levels delivered knockout blow after knockout blow (literally, in one case), and big plays were made when big plays were called for.  Rumor has it that nine (9) Seminoles had to sit out of Monday’s practice to rest their ailing bodies.  For those outside of Oklahoma and the Dismembered Dozen, remember the name Ronnell Lewis of the Sooners.  He wears #56 and is known as “The Hammer”.  In consecutive plays late in the game Saturday night, he sacked Gilligan, uhm Trickett, and then deflected a pass that was picked by the Sooners, so look for him to be a factor throughout this season.


OU, for its part, has battles left against two Top 10 opponents in Oklahoma State and Texas A&M, and four total ranked opponents, so title talk is a bit premature at this point.  However, they’ve probably justified their lofty ranking in the minds of most for the time being.


If I were a pollster, I’d probably go with LSU as number one for now.  As they say, defense wins championships, and I’ve seen none better this year than the Bayou Bengals.  Les had to go for an onside kick against Mississippi State last week just to prove he was physically present at the game, because that D was on autopilot and nothing else seemed to matter.  Besides, do we really have any reason to believe that any non-SEC team is a real threat to win it all?



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  1. BB says:

    You and me both, and I’m a Sooner fan. I think they CAN do it, but you’ll not find me declaring that they will until I see it happen, and at that point it becomes a simple observation.

  2. Newman says:

    FSU played pretty well and they are clearly on the rise again. College football is much better when the Noles, canes, notre dames, USCs of the world are good teams. I would love to see someone outside of the SEC step up. Oklahoma looked strong but strong enough to run the table? Not confident about that.

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