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Some of us are not too old and not too young to remember the “choose your own adventure” books of sometime in the 1980’s.  For all I know, they may still be out there, but that is when I was a fan.  Unfortunately, my reading has likely not progressed much beyond that in the score and some odd years since, but that is beside the point.  What I am proposing, as we are heading into the home stretch of this 2011 college football season (wow, that’s hard to believe!), is that we apply the same concept to the remainder of this season and play a little “choose your own ending” ourselves.


First of all, I believe there is a decent little matchup tonight that may have some bearing on how this season plays out.  Yes, of course, that would be #1 Louisiana State University visiting #2 Alabama.  On a side note, I understand why we seldom see LSU spelled out, as it took me about two-and-a-half minutes to type it.  In most years of recent past, the popular utterance is that the SEC championship game is the real national championship game, but this year it could possibly be accurately stated that this matchup of SEC West powers is the real national title game.  Some may immediately question my sanity over the use of the word “possibly”, but trust me, it was not inserted there in flippant fashion.  While West Virginia’s air show against LSU and Tennessee’s tied-until-halftime effort against Bama means little to many of you, it represents potential for me.  Specifically, until LSU vs. WVU, I was under the impression that the ball could not be moved against the Tiger D.  And, while many great teams will toy with an overmatched opponent until right about halftime, that may give a squad not quite so overmatched all the confidence they need to go the distance.


And with that, here goes my choice for how this thing plays out (not to be confused with a prediction).


Weekend of November 5, 2011:

#2 Alabama takes advantage of their home field, uuuhhh, advantage, and gets over on #1 LSU in a 2-0 route in six overtimes (don’t ask me how a safety will happen in a college football overtime; remember, it’s my adventure).


#3 Oklahoma State (wow, that’s a number-word combination we don’t see too often) takes care of business at home against the surprisingly competitive Kansas State Wildcats (remember the Silver Fox).


#4 Stanford has no trouble swatting those pesky Beavers away from the base of its tree, thereby staying upright.


#5 Boise continues its march through a Pop Warner schedule; let it be known that I have defended them over the past few years, and in some years still give them the “any given Saturday” due against prominent teams, but they have to realize that not only one, but at least two, and maybe three marquee non-conference games are going to be needed to expect the respect of everyone else when it counts (this is a moot point if/when they enter the Big East in football).


#6 Oklahoma wins impressively over a still-capable Texas A&M squad in Norman, which is where our story ends this week, because it’s my story.


New BCS Standings go something like this: #1 Alabama, #2 Oklahoma State, #3 Stanford, #4 LSU, #5 Boise State, #6 Oklahoma


Weekend of November 12, 2011:


It’s smooth sailing for our BCS #’s 1 and 2, but trouble is on the horizon north of Palo Alto as the #8 Oregon Ducks prepare to do what birds do, which of course is poop on trees.  #3 Stanford is fresh out of Luck.


As if this weren’t shocking enough, Gary P and the Horned Frogs of TCU derail the #5 Broncos’ hopes for an appearance on the grandest stage in college football (no, not the SEC championship game!).


#6 Oklahoma seizes the opportunity to avoid losing in a bye week.


New BCS Standings read: #1 Alabama, #2 Oklahoma State, #3 LSU, #4 Oklahoma, #5 Oregon (yes, I will allow that #’s 4 and 5 could be reversed at this point)


Weekend of November 19, 2011:


The SEC continues its tradition of oddly-placed non-conference games with Georgia Southern visiting our #1 Alabama Crimson Tide.  #’s 2 through 5 roll on.  Standings remain unchanged.


Weekend of November 26, 2011:


Arkansas is to LSU as Texas Tech is to Oklahoma (I’m too lazy to do the research, but I dare someone to prove me wrong).  The Hogs do what hogs do and trash any hopes of a Tiger-Tide rematch in the real title game.


New BCS standings read: #1 Alabama, #2 Oklahoma State, #3 Oklahoma, #4 Oregon, #5 Arkansas (assumes Arkansas takes care of #9 South Carolina November 5)


Weekend of Saturday, December 3, 2011:


In what may be the season’s second-most anticipated matchup to this point, #3 Oklahoma visits #2 Oklahoma State in Stillwater.  Bedlam ensues and big brother Oklahoma wins yet again.


New BCS standings read: #1 Alabama, #2 Oklahoma, and I don’t care after that


I’m not sure if a writer of horror novels feels fear while writing, but I for one find myself too frightened to go on.  The end.


That’s my story.  What’s yours?


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