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OK…..I try to not show my true colors on this site. However, every once in a while it leaks through. This site is not a team specific site, but those that know me, know I bleed “Red & Black”.

A friend of mine is a professional photographer and is credentialed for the UGA games.

The following is his statement on this. I am putting it out there for those interested….


“There is intense interest in this photo from media around the world.  A major, national sports magazine editor told me this image is one of the all-time top 10 sporting photos ever taken.   More than likely, I will be selling this image to a major publisher and when I do, you will no longer be able to purchase it…at least from me.  So, if you like it and want it, you better get it now.  This will be sold within the next couple of days.”

Follow this link to purchase this photo

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