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OK, I may be a bit late to the party this year with the Heisman talk. I tend to want to let the early season talk play out on the field. Well this year, once again one guy has emerged from all of the early season fluff. Despite being largely ignored by a large portion of the talking heads, Collin Klein continues to do one thing, WIN and not just win, but win the big games on the big stage.

Collin Klein in my opinion is a throwback in terms of his style. He epitomizes toughness with his gritty play. He isn’t very flashy, he just continues to find a way to help his team win, and in the process he has put up some impressive numbers.

Through seven games Klein has thrown for 1397 yards with 10 TD’s/2 INT’s and he has rushed for 551 yards and 14 TD’s. That is a phenomenal 24 TD’s through seven games.

As evidence, look at Klein’s performance against what appears to be his main Heisman competition. When the two top candidates where on the same field; Klein shined and Geno Smith struggled.

What say you???
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  2. BB says:

    Yes, you have to hand it to Bill Snyder for finding gems like Klein. It’s not that he’s had many of these over the years, but enough to field very solid teams, and apparently more than just solid this season. By all accounts, Klein is an exceptional kid, too. Tough not to root for him, even as a 1-loss Sooner fan.

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