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Conference Shake ups over the past 2 years have not only added parody but have also exposed the strength, weakness, potential and overall vulnerability of said conference and program. The transformation has begun and there’s still additional moves that will or should be made. I think there are some compelling stories and notable intricacies worth looking into with the recent movement and story lines across the College Football Landscape. Let’s dissect.

STRONG-  Conferences and schools who dictate the college landscape

1.      SEC- Despite all of the shakeups across the college football landscape, no moves were made, and besides the poor attempt Texas A&M made to creep out of the shadow of UT, this conference and all participating members remain strong.

2.      Texas Christian- They have consistently beaten up on programs supposedly their peer, own the 3rd largest T.V. Market and are and offer a gateway for said conference to pluck from the recruiting Mecca. With their move to the Big East, I pick them in to win a BCS title within the next decade.

3.      Nebraska- leaving the big 12 in the dust, this program is on its way to more “lucrative” pastures and the big 10 was more than happy to oblige.

4.      Texas- They have their own network, they are the big 12 and they’re not moving regardless of what everyone else does.

5.      Oklahoma-Like Texas, they aren’t scrambling to jump ship. Consistently a strong program and holding the preseason #1 ranking, why would they.

6.      ACC- No moves to be made here… and pending the outcome of the recent situation with “The U” the conference remains solid and no recent attempts to get better, or worse have been made.

WINNERS- Conferences and Schools who appear to be in the driver seat for improvement and upgrades

1.      Utah- A program that absolutely was deserved of an upgrade, the Ute’s will fit in and compete nicely in the years to come as a new member of the PAC 12

2.      Colorado- Being uncompetitive in the big 12 the PAC 12 bailed them out. I’ll get to the PAC 12 in a bit but for CU, a great move. Take it.  This should be BYU’s spot.

3.      The Big East- With the addition of Texas Christian, they have secured the 3rd largest TV market and besides California, now have representation in 4 of the top 5 recruiting states. (TCU, USF, Cincinnati and Pitt)

4.      Notre Dame- See NBC TV Contract

5.      BYU/Boise State- While I actually like the move by BYU better, on the same plane is Boise State as both have made moves to align themselves more closely with a BCS Bid. My thought is that BYU has gone independent and hopes to snag a few more 29 yr old Polynesians while they wait invitation from the Big 12…I mean Texas. Boise State deserves better than the MWC in my opinion but a step up from the WAC for sure.

6.      Big 10- Even with the lack of production from  Indiana/Minnesota, and the recent turmoil out of Columbus, the conference generates more money than any other, just stole a Big 12 powerhouse and is arguably the most competitive conference in the Country. Wisconsin, Mich., Mich. State, Iowa, Purdue, NB, IL, O.State and yes, even Northwestern could all make noise.

7.      Arizona State/Oklahoma State- See new uniforms and preseason rank-

8.      FSU/Florida/UCF/USF/FLA, etc- with looming rumors of “the death penalty” in Miami these programs, among others could see an influx of NFL talent soon.

9.      Oregon/LSU- They’re winners and both have lots of Kahuna’s for agreeing to a week  1 showdown at Texas Stadium and putting their seasons on the line in week 1. Avg. ticket is $450.00

10.   Hawaii/Nevada/Fresno State- All big steps up into the top mid-conference, the Mountain West.

LOSERS-Programs and Conferences that were weekend by recent shake ups

1.      Montana- GuysAre you serious? You have the facilities, recruiting tools and the backing of an entire state. Please tell me you didn’t really turn down a BCS conference to stay in the Big Sky?

2.      Western Athletic Conference- two years ago you would have been in the Winners category, but you consistently create powerhouses and then ship them off. University of Texas San Antonio and Texas State are weak pickups. Montana, North Dakota, Cal Poly or Portland State would have been better.

3.      PAC 12- With the addition of Colorado, the PAC 12 has solidified themselves as the most Socialist athletic conference in the nation. Do I see a 12 way tie for the conference championship?

4.      MAC/SUN Belt Conferences- No moves were made…People reading this probably don’t care that I’m listing these conferences at all. That’s why they are in this category. STEP YO GAME UP.

5.      Kansas/K.State/Iowa State- Where do you go… if the big 12 goes?

6.      Math- See Big 12 and Big 10 conferences

SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN- These Schools/Conferences won and lost respectively…

1.      Mountain West Conference- We thought you’d aligned yourselves perfectly to become a true BCS Power Conference… then you let TCU, BYU and Utah jump ship. Just when I thought you couldn’t do anything dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself. Nice job letting CU walk to the pacific and snagging another WAC powerhouse in Boise State. You also managed to scoop up a couple other notables and not lose the Samoan/Tongan connection with bringing in Hawaii.

2.      Texas A&M- You guys have it, want it, and just can’t find it. Go win one and then you may be able to sneak out of the shadows of Your Enemies in Austin. I have a feeling that the SEC would have loved to have you, with your good friends Oklahoma and Texas. (I love your squad btw… and Denver thanks you for Vaughn Miller)

3.      Big 12- Losing Nebraska hurts. What’s the Big 12’s motive to compete with the UT Network? What’s Texas’s motive to compete in football with the UT Network? How could you let TCU go East in the heart of the Wild West? Does BYU lurk in the Future? Is Houston/Rice/SMU primed for a return to the big time? I’m excited to see how this turns out.

4.      PAC 12- I know I just said you lost… but you still have Arizona, Washington and Oregon Schools who aren’t slowing down. Stanford?… I believe.

5.      Southwest Conference- Why not?- See #3

 Regardless of how accurate I am in these assumptions or categories, I would certainly say that the conference shake up’s having absolutely put things into perspective… From Montana to Alabama. All having somewhat of an impact across the entire college football landscape. I personally would like to have seen the MWC stay intact and with the addition of Boise State, They would have been very, very hard to ignore. We’ll certainly see how the next few years play out but it ought to be interesting none the less.

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  1. CB says:

    Classic take on all conferences, particularly the big12. I am confident that A&M will be in the SEC next year (good for them) and you can write this whole shake up again. The “math” line is my favorite and I wonder what Big12 commish, Dan Beebe will do when his conference collapses next year. Let’s just hope for your girlfriend’s sake, scratch that… your sake, that the horns don’t drop another 5 win season. Network or not, you gotta win games.

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