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Bronc Busters of East Lansing


Yes, #24 Boise State’s Broncos 17-13 loss to #13 Michigan State is surely disappointing for a team and its fans who are accustomed to going on the road to start the season and wrecking the dreams of a national powerhouse, but I just wanted to give them a shout out for what they almost did again (this time at Michigan State) in a season when they return only five (5) starters to a team that lost, among others, legendary QB Kellen Moore.  They’re likely on their way back already.


Elephants Throw Their Weight Around Against Wolverines


SEC favorites Alabama and LSU both opened with 41-14 routes over their typical creampuff opponents.  Wait, what’s that you say?  Alabama actually opened with #8 Michigan at the Death Star in Arlington, TX?  Ah, yes, how could I forget?  ‘Bama did indeed crush the dreams of yet another Big 10 power program in a demoralizing beat-down.  The Tide had their way on the ground, through the air, and presumably in the locker room, parking lot, stands, and wherever else they may have encountered the hapless Wolverines. 


Electrifying Michigan QB Denard Robinson looked out of sync the entire night, and Michigan’s plan to protect him by not turning him loose likely cost them any chance of being competitive in this one, although he may have been killed by the ‘Bama defense at some point had he attempted to run wild the entire night.  Forget it.  Good call, Michigan coaching staff.


Oklahoma Survives Border Scare


Among top ten teams, other than #8 Michigan and their unfortunate scheduling mishap, and #9 South Carolina barely surviving Vanderbilt, only #4 Oklahoma was able to garner some negative headlines by white-knuckling a 24-7 win on the road at UTEP.  The Sun Bowl proved a difficult venue for the Sooners, who allowed a blocked punt for the Miners’ only score, a blocked field goal attempt, at least one dropped INT, and multiple scoring scares as the Miners missed three field goals.  24-16 looks a little different in the waning minutes of a game than does 24-7.  UTEP is surely (and rightfully) playing the “ifs and buts” game in their minds, but Oklahoma limps back to Norman with a 1-0 record and some work to do. 


Perhaps the proximity of the El Paso-based contest to gang war-torn Ciudad Jaurez, Mexico had the Sooners hoping they simply returned to Oklahoma with their heads, let alone a lopsided win.  In a bit of encouraging news, however, the Mexican army reports that gang killings in Jaurez were down to 952 through the first six months of 2012, as compared to 1,642 through the first half of 2011.  Unfortunately that is an actual report, in case your sarcasm detector was beeping there.  Cartel leaders could not be reached for comment regarding the game, clearly preoccupied with concerns over why they’ve failed to separate as many people from their heads as they did in 2011.  Here’s hoping this trend continues.

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