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This is a follow up from last week’s drama that played out between Dabo Swinney and Steve Spurrier. I will not insult everyone’s intelligence with complete details around that incident; you can watch the video in last week’s article on this site if you don’t know specifics.

The point that I want to make is one that I believe everyone has, so far, overlooked. The more I pondered on this incident, the more I came to the realization that Dabo Swinney played everyone in this whole episode. Think about it for a moment; watch the video again if you must. These stats and dates that Dabo was reciting in his response and defense to Spurrier’s alleged comments were not spontaneous, as he wanted us to think. No, they weren’t even close… Dabo had done his homework and was very knowledgeable about USC’s long and storied past and gave too many details for this too have been a spontaneous reaction.

Dabo…. “The Evil Genius” has used the media and Coach Spurrier to take all of the focus off his team, and their inept play over the past month and deflect it on himself and Spurrier. Think about it for a moment; the once Red Hot Clemson Tigers had lost three out of the last four games. Up until the midweek interview that was soon blasted across you tube and sites such as this; everyone was wondering how bad the Tigers would lose to Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship game and focusing on their poor play. That all changed after that famous post practice interview.

Well, a funny thing happened come game time. With all the focus off their poor play, it seemed as if Clemson was back to early season form. Now I’m not sure what Dabo Swinney majored at in college, however if it wasn’t psychology, he may have missed his calling.


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  1. HenryGift says:

    If he is the man and the evil genius, why did he lose to a mediocre team of CPJ. Did he forget his genius at home that day? LOL

  2. Nomerz says:

    Makes perfect sense… Dabo’s still the man!

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