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Admittedly I am not much of a traditionalist… don’t know why, but I’ve just never had a big problem with changes in athletics.  Granted I’ve never experienced the pain that a sports fan from Baltimore, Seattle, or Houston (and many others) would have when their beloved pro franchise moved out of town, but I’ve still seen my fair share of changes to the sports I love and haven’t gotten too bothered by it.


So with that being said, I really don’t get all the fuss about the conference re-alignments is.  Every time you go online or watch the tv, you’ll see yet another talking head or expert talking about how this is a shame and is gonna ruin the game, blah blah blah.  I just don’t see it.  Miami, Va Tech, and BC left the Big East to join the ACC in 2005, has that ruined or damaged anything?  That same year Cincy, USF and Louisville moved into the Big East… again, I see nothing ruined there.  If anything it’s greatly helped all 3 programs (Cincy has made 2 BCS appearances, USF has a 51-29 record since the move to the Big East and has made a bowl game each season, and Louisville has won a Big East title and played in the Orange Bowl in 2007).  To me that all looks like a beneficial change to the college landscape.


I realize that maybe the circumstances are different today that they were in 2005, or even before that when the SWC disbanded in 1994… but really almost all moves of schools between conferences has always been about money.  Just because the greed in today’s moves is more blatant and obvious doesn’t make it any worse.  If your favorite school or alma matter changing conferences really causes you to stop loving the game, then maybe you never truly loved it to begin with.  Who cares what the suits do behind closed doors, who cares that they’re chasing the tv money like kids do an ice-cream truck, who cares if you’re playing Iowa rather than Iowa State?  At the end of the day, the game played on the field will always be the same, and that’s all that matters.


p.s. – ACC hoops are gonna be unbelievable.  Adding Pitt & the ‘Cuse (and rumor has it UCONN) to Duke, UNC, Maryland, etc = bonkers!  If only they can get their conference tournament switched from Greensboro to Madison Square Garden.

What say you…


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  1. BB says:

    I suppose I would call myself a traditionalist, but only to the extent that tradition allows for a healthy dose of pragmatism. Being a fan of a Dismembered Dozen (Big 12) school, I admittedly have no desire for my team and a few cohorts to head west. Part of the reason is indeed tradition, in that I would like to see a strong conference remain intact in the middle of the country. However, one of the practical components of my objection is fan travel. Alumnus with nothing but time and money have always been able to take long weekend road trips to neighboring states, or perhaps a couple of states away, but how many will routinely fly to the coast to see K-State slug it out with Oregon State? Back to tradition; natural rivalries with border states have a great deal of intrigue to myself and many others, and to some extent they could remain intact even in the event of a major shift, but it wouldn’t be the same. Now, will I stop loving the sport if this shifting of tectonic plates does indeed happen? Hardly, but to borrow a line from “The Wedding Singer”, “I like old Coke better than new Coke, because it’s old and so am I”. Good topic DP.

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