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While the table has certainly not been cleared on the 2012 college football season, so much has happened already that I thought it fitting to serve a little digestif (oh yeah, look it up) prior to dessert being brought out and the season drawing to a close.  So, here we go with a few musings about what has happened so far and what is yet to come.



  • ·         Does anyone else find themselves having one of those “oh, yeah, Joe Paterno died since last season” moments, only to then battle yourself over what to think about that because of the young men who suffered (and are still suffering) in the name of protecting a college football program?  Maybe it’s just me.


  • ·         With Colorado head coach Jon Embree (am I the only one who didn’t even know who their head coach was before now?) making the transition to the title of former Colorado head coach, now might be a time to reflect on the sad reality that is Colorado Buffaloes Football, which is that they have been nothing better than mediocre, and as bad as outright embarrassing, for quite some time now.  Oh well, at least tepid Buffs fans can smoke weed in peace now, with Colorado having voted for legalizing marijuana in the recent election.  Dude #1: “Hey buddy, wanna go see the Buffs play USC?”  Dude #2: “Nah, man, I was thinking about smoking a joint and taking in the Flatirons for a few hours.”  Dude #1: “Yeah, I guess that sounds better.  I’m in.”  FYI, the Flatirons are an amazing rock outcropping jutting out of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Boulder.  I, for one, can enjoy them without the assistance of a joint. 


  • ·         As the guillotine came down on erstwhile Auburn head man Gene Chizek’s relatively brief career there, I’m pretty sure he was frantically petitioning the NCAA for an extra year of eligibility for former Tiger QB Cam Newton, who may be the closest thing to a one-man team that a major college football national champion has ever been.  I’m also pretty sure that sounds pretty good to Cam right about now.  I’d always heard that the rookie year of marriage was the hardest, but for me year two was tougher, so don’t think I lack empathy for Cam and his strugs in the NFL right now.


  • ·         So, in case anyone has been off the grid for some time now, the road to Titletown once again runs right through Atlanta, where Georgia and Alabama will throw down for the right to try to make it seven (7) national titles in a row for the SEC, which has for many years now consisted of them merely showing up for the game as a matter of formality only, collecting their trophy, and heading home.  Will Notre Dame have anything to say about that?  Well, I suppose it depends on whether Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde shows up, because if you’ve been paying attention to the Irish this season, you’ve undoubtedly seen plenty of both. 


  • ·         What else, what else, what else…?  Here’s something I found intriguing, if a bit defensive and whiny.  Espn.com’s David Ubben, a Big 12 guy by trade, extolled the virtues of the Big 12’s depth vs. the SEC’s depth in a recent article, in which he provides some compelling points, such as:


    • o   Both have nine bowl-eligible teams this year, but the Big 12 does it with four less teams and a bigger-by-one conference schedule than does the SEC.
    • o   The SEC boasts six of the top twelve teams, but the bottom eight SEC teams have won a combined zero games against those top six, a sure-fire sign of top heaviness.
    • o   What’s my take?  Let me put it to you this way: Texas leads Oklahoma 59-43-5 in one of the greatest rivalries in college football, but Oklahoma has seven consensus national titles to the four claimed by Texas.  As for me, I’m taking the titles all day long, and so should the SEC, which at last check is poised for a ridiculous seven in a row.  But, if it must be this way, then by all means, GO DAWGS!!!!!!

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  1. super dave says:

    I’ll save colo some bucks and do the job, just as well I might add, for 500k. If that fails to clear the flatirons, I’ll go ahead and replace Chizek. Might want a few more bucks for that one.

    • BB says:

      Oh, you’re so hired! Or, at least you would be if I were king for a day. Super Dave, I’m not sure whether you’re from CO or not, but would it be possible to watch a game in Folsom Field while sitting on the Flatirons? I don’t mean sitting on them in a painful sort of way, but essentially to just be lost in nature while numbing the pain of another Buffs loss on the field. I’m not a Buffs fan or anything, but just wondering…

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