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  1. BB says:

    So we should expect a winged, bruised, Duck victory? Very nice!

    • RedMayo says:

      Yes, as you know it goes against my rearing but I think the speed and depth of the Ducks will be a little too much for the Bayou Bengals.

  2. GeauxTigers says:

    What are you smokin? I want some.

    Dont let the Jefferson suspension fool you. Lee and the Tigers will not miss a beat. Don’t forget Mettenberger, he’s no slouch. LSU is going to show Oregon what it’s like to play in a real conference. The Ducks are going to be destroyed. Geaux Tigers!

    • BB says:

      Okay, so go ahead with your fearless prediction on an actual score, so we can all marvel at your crystal ball.

      • GeauxTigers says:

        Well……………I say that the Riverboat Gambler pulls it off with a drama filled, last tick-of-the-clock, 50 yard plus field goal.

        38-35 TIGERS!

        Since I have the crystal ball turned on, the Tigers will have home field advantage on January 9th in New Orleans when they face the Sooners.

        GEAUX TIGERS!.

        • BB says:

          Okay, I only couldn’t go along with a blowout victory over the Ducks tomorrow night, but I would almost be willing to put money on your scenario playing out in just such a fashion.

          As for the Sooners, you assume too much. They could be cruising headlong toward such a meeting and be derailed by Iowa State.

          However, Geaux Sooners! (I’m sure we have a few Cajuns in the Sooner State, right?)

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