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Even with their dominating win in Palo Alto last weekend, it seems the Oregon Ducks are flying under the radar nationally right now (see what I did there?)  Across the sports-talk dials and channels all you hear is chatter about the “The Rematch” between LSU and Alabama that will happen in the BCS title game, when really the rematch should be between LSU and Oregon.  Don’t believe me?  Well if you like entertaining football, it doesn’t get any better than Oregon – ranked 5th nationally in rushing yards and 3rd nationally in points scored, the Ducks are an absolute juggernaut!  Sure LSU’s defense is made up of countless future NFL players but Oregon still managed 27 points against them (granted 7 of those points were scored in the last minute, but even taking that away Oregon would be one of only 2 teams to crack 20 against the Bayou Bengals.  Since the opening day defeat, the Ducks have been held below 40 points just once (34 at Washington) and haven’t won by less than 2 td’s in any contest.  Not to mention they feature the most exciting freshman in America – De’Anthony Thomas aka the Black Mamba.  If you SEC-heads haven’t watched any West Coast football, look my man Thomas up on YouTube and see for yourself.

Now most people are gonna think, “wait a second, the Ducks defense is a sieve!!  They give up on average almost 22 points every week!!  They don’t belong on the same field with the powerhouse D’s in the SEC… well my friends, hold the phone on that argument.  When your offense is literally designed to score as quickly as possible and as often as possible (as Oregon’s admittedly is), it leaves your defense in a tough spot.  They’re gonna be on the field way more than most D’s, and have less time between possessions to rest.  It only goes to reason that they’ll give up more points based solely on the points we just outlined.  But there’s more to this argument… namely the great equalizer for any defense – turnovers!  After an uncharacteristically slow start to the season as far as turnovers, the Ducks have turned it on lately; in their last 5 games Oregon’s defense has created a whopping 13 turnovers.  In the words of Adam Sandler in the “Chanukah Song”, not too shabby!

Assuming Oregon wins out they’ll be 12-1, and on a 12-game winning streak.  They’ll have all kinds of momentum and should take their rightful place in NoLa with a return trip to the national title game.  Quack Quack Quack Mr. Ducksworth!!


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