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In creating this website I wanted to make a concerted effort to always try to remain as objective as possible. This for me is a challenge at times, being a diehard UGA fan since the age of 10. This love and passion I have for College Football that lead to creating this site was born from, in no small part, spending Saturday afternoon’s listening to Larry Munson call the play by play for the Georgia Bulldogs.

 So please forgive me if I throw all objectiveness out the window to pay homage to what I and many others consider to be the “Best Ever” College football announcer.

Larry Munson passed away last night at the age of 89. He retired four years ago after being “The Voice of the Dawgs” for an incredible 41 years. He left behind two sons and family members; he also leaves behind generations of fans that tuned in to listen to him paint the picture as only he could.

To tell you Munson was loved and revered among UGA fans would be the ultimate understatement. His following was so unique that the admiration and respect was felt by fans of even UGA’s most hated rivals. One of the many reasons Larry quickly endeared himself to UGA fans was his unapologetic “HOMER” label, he was for UGA and made no bones about it.  His following gained popularity in a different era; one that had only a few games a year being televised, fans tuned into the radio rather than the TV. However, as television broadcast became more and more prevalent, UGA fans would tune in to the TV and turn down the broadcast announcers to listen to Larry on the radio. It was not uncommon to watch a game at Sanford Stadium and see up to 1/3 of the fans with headsets on, just to get Larry’s take on the game. So with Larry’s passing, we not only say goodbye to him, but a piece of our past that we can never replace.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Munson family, as we say farewell to a “Damn Good Dog”. Thanks for the memories Larry…….

Below is a video tribute to Larry, do yourself a favor and close your eyes and just listen; Larry will paint the picture for you. Feel free to leave your favorite Munson memories in the comments section below.


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  1. Kevin says:

    I have never been a GA fan, but Larry Munson was definitley a legend. I hate to hear of him passing. Another chapter in our lives has gone. Not sure with today’s media that there will ever again be a “homer” like him or Bob Fulton again. That is ashamed. I think it makes the games a lot better to listen to with a good ol homer calling them.

  2. Wesley says:

    Well said Jeff, you didn’t have to be a UGA fan to enjoy hearing Larry call the game. Even if he was talking about my beloved UT in some of his greatest calls, he was always fun to listen to on Saturdays! What is a “Hobbnailed Boot” anyway?

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