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Passion for playing sports transcends many areas. For those that are fortunate enough to have played sports and develop a burning passion that last a lifetime, these things make sense.


So, when we see a player who gets injured, even if they wear other teams’ hated colors, we truly hurt for these players.


Last weekend when Louisville’s guard Kevin Ware suffered his horrific injury it reminded me of a day last fall. A day not many South Carolina fans will soon forget. The day Marcus Lattimore suffered a devastating knee injury, his second in as many years.


I am not a USC fan; however I am a Marcus Lattimore fan. It is clear Marcus has a true burning passion for the game we love, and unless you have that same passion, you might even question why he would come back after two majors knee injuries; I don’t. This video will help put Marcus’ passion in some perspective.


Here’s hoping that Marcus has long prosperous injury free NFL career. I know I will be cheering for him…



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