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This obviously started out as a series to get a glimpse into the life of a real live CFB player; it certainly has turned into that and more. Join us as we follow Dillon through his rehab and the road back. It is my belief that through this journey Dillon will become an even stronger person and player.





  After a long week of crutching up and down campus, several hospital visits, and two-a-days in the training room, I finally have a verdict on my knee. It turns out that when I dislocated my kneecap, I also tore my MFPL (Medial patellofemoral ligament), which connects my kneecap to my femur. I am working with a trainer here on campus to get the swelling in my knee to subside, as well as work some motion back into my knee. Our goal is to be able to have my knee ready for surgery by the end of next week. Afterwards, we will begin the six months of rehab it will take to regain my full strength and be back on the field. The trainer I am working with gave me some great new insight to my rehab: he knows how much of a gym rat I am, and so he told me that for the next six months I need to commit in my mind daily goals for getting my knee better. He said that I need to come to therapy with the same mindset as I would if I were entering the gym for a solid workout. After he told me that, he said he could see a light go off in me, and that’s when we got to work. The first day of true rehab we had leading up to my surgery was yesterday. With a new work ethic in mind, I was able to bend my knee to about thirty-five degrees; the day before I could not bend it at all. I plan to work as hard as I possibly can to come back strong from this injury. It is an opportunity in disguise to develop both my character and my mental toughness. I’m looking forward to the challenge.




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