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When we started this website, one of our goals was to offer up a unique and sometimes comical look at the game we love: a “Joe the plumber” approach to journalism. I hope and think we have, and continue to accomplish this for the most part.







Today marks the beginning of a series that follows this theme of unique perspective into college football. If you are anything like me, it can become very frustrated when it seems like every time you turn around your favorite D-1 team has another player getting arrested for this or that. If we aren’t careful, we can become jaded with the apparent “ubiquitous prima donna” that seems to get all the press.  You may ask yourself, like me, where are all the players that still play “for love of the game”.

Well, they are still out there!!!

I am very fortunate and blessed to have a son that is one of those players. Dillon Temples is a rising redshirt sophomore at a small D-II School in South Carolina. Dillon has agreed to offer his thoughts and struggles through a journal, for you the reader. Dillon aspires to one day be a college football coach and goes through a year around routine of football because of his passion and love for football.

This is his first, we hope, among many journals. Dillon just finished his first week of spring practice. I have fittingly titled these articles “For Love of the Game”, I hope you enjoy…..


Its football time again! The competition is at its highest, as well as the temperature! Today capped off a rewarding first week of spring ball. There’s no feeling in the world like putting those pads on for the first time in a while. Everyone is fighting for a position. Everyone wants to make that play that helps them stand out. I play Inside Linebacker for a Division II football program in South Carolina. We started off the week with three days of mini-camp, where we performed a series of skills and drills to get ourselves prepared for the start of spring practice. Today we had an early morning practice in full pads for the first time. Everyone was excited to finally be able to let loose and play football! I’m looking forward to proving myself to the coaches in the upcoming weeks as we implement more of our playbook into our practice sessions. My day consists of class, film sessions, workouts, meetings, and practice; just living the dream! Every day is a battle to be better than the day before. I will continue to share my thoughts and experiences as the spring season unfolds. Until next time…



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  1. DP says:

    very cool Dillon…. keep working hard and keep your head up through any and all struggles. Best of luck to you

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