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If you haven’t seen this hit yet, all I can say is WOW!!!! We want your feedback on whether you think this hit warranted the ejection of FSU LB Nigel Bradham.

I will offer my take, which you may or may not agree¬†with. This was a CLEAN and legal hit, in my opinion. I understand the NFL and NCAA are trying to protect what they consider “defenseless” players with helmet to helmet contact. I get it, however this wasn’t helmet to helmet. Let’s face it, football is a violent sport and these kinds of hits are what we tune in to see. These players have been trained in football fundamentals since Pop Warner to tackle the upper torso of the body, leading to these high hits. Now, they are being penalized and punished for doing exactly what they have been taught, hitting hard.

If both the NCAA and NFL aren’t careful they will suffer the same fan discontent
that NASCAR is experiencing.

We want your thoughts, leave comments below….


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  1. Wesley says:

    I have to agree with you Jeff, that was a violent & clean hit. Shoulder to chest, nothing more. They should throw the flag in the UofM QB for “Leaving your WR open for a huge hit”. You can also add the NHL to the list of examples of trying to make a physical sport non-physical, it just completely changes the aspect of the game.

    • jeff says:

      Great point on the QB. I really think this is the issue with these hits a lot in the NFL & NCAA; inexperience or poor QB coaching. The announcers even mentioned this in that game.

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