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If you haven’t seen this guy, you owe it to yourself to check him out. This guy has a website and everything devoted to satirically exploiting the  recent “Occupy” movement that is overtaking major cities in the U.S. His pictures have apparently spawned copy cat signs like these in this article; they are popping up all over the internet. No matter your political affiliation or your views on the demonstrators, you gotta love this guy’s creativity. I provided a link to his website below, see for yourself, his signs are hilarious…….


The website even boast a list of 13 demands, spelled out below..









1. Equal pay for all SEC Quarterbacks
2. Schools may only purchase Fair Trade Gatorade for use on sidelines
3. Guaranteed Bowl appearances regardless of won-loss record
4. Let the mascots unionize
5. All sidelines must be made Segway-accessible so Ralph Friedgen can return to coaching
6. One trillion dollars so the Big East can buy some new teams
7. Free nachos
8. Conferences with numbers in their name must have that many schools in them
9. Open border migration for all Texas high school athletes
10. Must see physical documentation of Dr. Lou’s Phd in Football philosophy
11. Notre Dame’s TV appearances must depend on whether they are a good team
12. Outlaw all strength of schedule reporting agencies (We allowed Boise State to make one demand)
13. Penn State must reveal its secret for keeping Joe Paterno alive.





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  1. CB says:

    There’s got to be one referencing LSU’s legal issues or the “Mad Hatter” I would presume.

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