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Last season I blogged it was a shame nobody had hired Mike Leach to coach their football team; at the time my entire argument was based around the fact that Mike Leach is a darn good football coach who does nothing but win games with an entertaining style of football.  I argued that any AD with a job opening would be silly (possibly even stupid) for not picking Leach to head their football program.

Fast-forward 9 months and Mike Leach is now the head ball coach (HBC) at some college where Ryan Leaf once starred.  Sorry Washington State, that’s all the rest of the country probably knows you for… oh well.  Anywho, it hasn’t taken long for Coach Leach to create quite a buzz for his new program, and today’s Pac-12 Media Day served as his “Still D.R.E.” moment – aka he reminded all of us fans why he’s so awesome.

While I (quite unfortunately) was not in attendance to hear Mike Leach pontificate, sound off, and basically entertain the heck out of everyone in attendance, thankfully the world-wide interweb and good old Google has provided those interested with an absolute gold-mine of quotes from the old Pirate himself.  The following are quotes from Leach in the LA Times, courtesy of Baxter Holmes:

A reporter asked Leach which other Pac-12 coach would make the best hunting partner… most coaches in today’s PC world would either decline to answer the question or just name another coach and have an awkward laugh.  Not our guy Mike though, here’s what he had to say, “Well, Rich Rodriguez has spent… time in West Virginia so we’ve got to recognize some potential rub-off there… Kyle Whittingham is definitely in the middle of this.  There’s no question about that… I’m going to give the nod to Kyle.  I mean he’s sandwiched between a lot of mountains (and) he’s familiar with those mountains.  He’s been around them for awhile and he’s a tenacious guy who knows Utah really well… Kyle would definitely be a key guy to have around.”  Wow, that is simply awesome.  I feel like the reporters really dropped the ball though by not digging into that question further; I’d like to know what kind of game they’re hunting, I’d like to know what the drink of choice is around the campfire, I’d be intrigued to know more about the 7-foot-tall, 350 pound bear that Coach Leach shot earlier this summer , and I’d have countless other questions to fish this guy’s mind.

Later, Leach was asked to compare the 2 Cougars (football players, not Real Housewives of the OC) who joined him for media day to military generals, and once again Coach Leach did not disappoint with his answer.  After letting everyone know that if he had to choose, he considers himself “more of a Civil War guy”, he told the world how SR QB Jeff Tuel is probably “a little more like Stonewall Jackson, kind of all over the place, attack from all angles… He’s not afraid to split the force and connect and attack again from all kinds of different angles.”  He then informed us that SR DE Travis Long is his team’s Ulysses S. Grant because “he’s in the trenches.  If it requires bombarding Vicksburg for a month, he’s fully prepared to do it.  Gets down in the stance, going to guard the river, going to bombard them until they bust.”  Get ESPN Classic on the line because we have ourselves an instant classic right there.  Any time you can use the word “bombard” multiple times in one quote you’re having a great day.


Man it is great to have Mike Leach back where he belongs – running a college football program.  I have to imagine it will be tough to recruit players to Pullman, WA … but at the same time this is a man who found success in Lubbock, TX.  Time will tell if Coach Leach can make the Cougars into winners, but regardless of the outcome, the journey will be memorable.


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  1. BB says:

    Yes, he will not fail to entertain, to be sure. And, if he’s half the man he once was, he will at a minimum be a thorn in the side of a great PAC 12 program once he’s had some time to build something at WSU. They may never contend for a PAC 12 title (or maybe they will), but they’ll make it fun for Cougar fans.

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