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“Why do you hate them so much?” asks my wife as we watch a game in which my favorite team isn’t even playing in. It’s a perfectly legitimate question that I have several answers to, but none of which that would be considered logical or reasonable by adult standards. To me, my answers make perfect sense and I can’t comprehend how anyone could feel differently. I don’t know what it is about being a fan of a college football team (or any sports team for that matter), but a major requirement of being a fan of a certain team, means you must show hatred towards the other team(s). However sophomoric or petty it might seem. Personalized team plates? Pssssssst Please! That’s little league stuff. I mean, what better way to show how much you love the Bulldogs than to pay the extra fee to get a personalized license plate that shows how much you hate the Gators.





I happen to “hate” several college football teams. I probably spend more of my time on Saturdays rooting against teams that I “hate” than I do rooting for the team that I love. Why do I hate them so much? Because of their stupid colors, their asinine mascot and his stupid name (it’s not clever, it’s dumb), their moronic traditions, their classless fans, their tendency to beat my team on a fluke play, their coach, their annoying fight song, their conference, I don’t know… I just hate them. Again, reasonable answers to me but not quite convincing enough to sell the wife on. But you all get what I’m saying right? Maybe I’m sick in the head but I refuse to ever own a home with, drive a car with, wear clothes, brush my teeth with, or go to the restroom where things are painted colors (burnt orange) that represent them. Obsessive Compulsive Hatred.







Now I’m not one to go out and advertise my hatred like so many others (although I do not frown upon them because after all “Haters gonna hate”). I would much rather show love for my team than show my hate for the opposition. With that said, t-shirt peddlers, bumper sticker printers, tent makers, and flag weavers love the “haters;” especially on L.A. campuses apparently:










Who do you hate and why? Please leave your comments below

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  1. Nate Full of Hate says:

    I absolutely HATE the Nebraska Corn Suckers! I didn’t think about it til now but I will watch them play quite a bit just so I can cheer for the other team. I usually end up pissed off because they win the game and it makes me hate them even more. I am getting mad as I type this. I hate them and that stupid blow-up husker guy that bounces around the endzone I want to pop that thing with a ball point pen.

  2. Dan says:

    I never reakky gave it much thought, but it is true. I spend as much time rooting against ‘hated” teams as much as I do rooting for mine.

  3. Dawg Fan says:

    Sooo true. My favorite is the liscense plate!!!!

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