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I guess this proves the old adage, “you can take the honey badger out of his natural habitat and make him perform in front of tens of thousands, but he’ll still really enjoy doing drugs and will eventually get kicked off the football team”.  LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu was released from the team after apparently repeatedly failing drug tests, and is now in a rehab program in Houston.  In all sincerity, I wish him the best in the treatment program, and I’m forced to wonder just how good do drugs make you feel in order to throw away everything that he may have thrown away. 


Mathieu will forgo another potential Heisman Trophy run, another potential national championship run, and even possibly first round draft pick status in a future NFL draft.  As a result, the AP has dropped LSU from number one to number three in its preseason poll.  Should Mathieu be successfully rehabilitated, it would be among the greatest travesties in sports history if he did not join the Wisconsin Badgers afterwards. 

 The Honey Badger will be missed by LSU. He single handidly changed the complexion and momentum of the Oregon, Arkansas and UGA SEC Championship game.

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  1. Norma says:

    Baylor kicking a game-winning field goal with aronud one minute left to upset TCU after the Horned Frogs had scored 25 fourth-quarter points to take a 48-47 lead, now that was sweet! TCU was probably the closest thing college football had to a national champion last season. It went 13-0, won the Rose Bowl after the arbitrary rules of the BCS kept it out of the so-called national championship game and, unlike Auburn and Oregon, is NOT being investigated at the moment by the NCAA. People need to chill out and let them play ball. For example, did you hear that Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott was meeting with the media in Dallas before Oregon’s loss to LSU. Not a good weekend for the Pac-12 when you throw in UCLA’s loss to Houston and Oregon State’s stunning overtime loss to Sacramento State. I heard that Scott told reporters that we should expect to see further consolidation given the fragmentation of college sports. Seriously, the Big 12 will soon be as obsolete as the typewriter if Scott has his way. A year ago he was ready to pounce on Texas and try to turn his league into a 16-team behemoth before anyone else could make a similar move. Now, that chance may come again in the next few weeks. Don’t expect Scott to be passive if it does.Anyhow, I just wanted to add my 2cents. I enjoy your football commentary. It’s always good to see tahr some people still h e a love for the game and not the media spectacle surrounding it. Your fan!wonderboy26

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