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Oh boy! I can hear them already. The talking heads are squawking and the die hards are reeling. The familiar echoes of fans and media alike are already dropping their astute football knowledge on anyone within ear-shot after their team’s week one performance. The majority of the nation’s “top teams” decided to schedule tune-up games to get ready for the meat and potatoes of their season; and rightfully so considering college football does not have a “preseason,” while others (for some reason) decided to inch their proverbial BCS bags close to the bansaw by clashing with fellow top 25ers.


There were some winners and losers in week one, and I’m not just talking about W’s and L’s. I never thought I’d be quoting the C-list actress, Rosie Perez as character Gloria Clemente from White Men Can’t Jump, but she has the tremendous quote that describes my point with precision… “Sometimes when you win, you actually lose; sometimes when you lose, you actually win…and sometimes Billy, when you win or lose, you actually tie.” (for affect, please use Rosie’s Puerto Rican/New York accent).



Auburn: War Eagle scheduled a cupcake in week one… or so they thought. I know the Tigers lost a ton of talent from last year, but I expected much more from a defending National Championship team going against a WAC foe. I only wish Utah State hadn’t remembered that they were Utah State when they were up 10 pts late in the ball game. Tigers, you may have won the game, but you lost in week one. 


Notre Dame: The Golden Domers tried to play the “Hey we don’t schedule cupcakes for our season opener” card, but they fell miles short of drawing major attention to the matchup with South Florida… until they lost. If you want to schedule a test for your first game, make it a marquee event like Boise State, Georgia, LSU, and Oregon did, so it doesn’t seem so bad when you lose. You have far less to gain by beating a sub top 25 team than you have to lose by getting beat by one. The schedule only gets tougher from here on out with Michigan and Michigan State the next two weeks. Their mishaps inside the redzone made Jay Cutler feel good about himself. Could be a long season.





Georgia: A bold move slotting Boise State to kick start your season, and damn did it ever backfire. Kudos to both teams for going all Phil Mickelson circa 2010 Masters (high risk, high reward), but again, why? Already, talks of coaching changes are heating up in Athens. On the flip side, Kellen Moore and the Broncos were very impressive. Don’t listen to people when they make excuses about Georgia not being that good nor is Boise. They will go unbeaten and get shutout of a National title shot again. Actually, now that I think about it, this loss for Georgia might turn out to be a win.







Nebraska: In true Husker fashion, they schedule a tune up game against Tennessee Chattanooga. The Big Red did exactly what they should have done…roll big by a score of 40 to 7. Nebraska, you may have won, but you actually tied. No points for scoring points like it was eating grapes against the mighty Mocking Birds.



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  1. Beth L says:

    Very entertaining article! I enjoyed reading about football!

  2. Andrew Hanneman says:

    Nice article, well written! Love the reference

  3. Billy Hoyle says:

    Good piece, although if I’m referencing White Men Can’t Jump, make mine:

    “Raymond put down that gun and take off that G@D D@m mask.”

    Answer: Yes, Boise would be competitive in the SEC, but NO, they would not go undefeated. The weekly grind would wear them down faster than a set of Kirkland tires.

  4. Truth sayer says:

    Ps, great article!

  5. Truth sayer says:

    Bosie would be an ol miss equal at best in the sec!! Playing 6 or 7 top 20 teams a year in 90k seat stadiums would expose their lack of depth and nfl quality talent. Any program can get up for week 1 and a bowl game when you have 6 weeks to prepare, its when you play Alabama, Lsu, Miss St, and South Carolina all in the same month when you prove you are a big boy. Looks a lot different then csu, nm, wyoming and air force in front of 25k. I respect what bosie has done but to say they would be in the top third of the sec is a joke

  6. hsker kessie says:

    Once again….put just perfect…I can’t add anything to this other than to say Boise should not be awarded a Nat championship game appearance until they r scheduling multiple top ten ranked opponents a year….they should not be rewarded for playing a Conf. Schedule that is so low…and win one game a year that anyone cares about. Boise has talented players first string….but playing n a major conference I would be anxious to see how physical they’d be at end of year when lining up against multiple sluggers week n and week out. Could they compete….absolutely…could they cake walk into the title game healthy and unbeaten….I know NOT.

    • TD says:

      I think Boise would do just fine in the SEC or any other major conference, for that matter. They may not roll to 11-0. But this nonsense of “their first string is great, but they are weak after that” is totally overblown. Teams play their first stringers. You don’t see LSU or Auburn throwing in their backup DB’s and fourth string long snapper just for good measure. Boise has been good enough to get a shot at a national title for several years now. We’ll see if this year is the year.

      • TD says:

        And Chris Petersen doesn’t get 5 star recruits. He gets good players, sure; but he coaches them up better than anyone in the business. You’d be sure he’d do the same with the backups.

        • Craig Blaser says:

          Sorry hsker kessie but TD has a great point. Boise has been a perennial factor for the last decade it seems. I believe they would fair just fine in a big time conference. The mistake they made was joining the MWC a month too early. Now that T A&M has sighned their divorse papers with the BigXII, you will see a major shake up the will result in a whole new structure of major conferences of 16 teams; and Boise should be a part of one of them. Then I guess we’ll find out. You said they “win one game a year that anyone cares about;” and I beg to differ. Take a look at some of their bowl victories and who their opponents were.

          I appreciate the post, and keep em coming! I love it! This site is all about having your own opinions and speaking on them just as you would ranting with your buddy over a couple of barley pops.

          Thanks gentlemen

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