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Hypothetically, if you were a blue chip senior high school recruit (I stress hypothetically), where would you choose to play college football if you had your pick? Granted your decision may depend on the position you play, but for the sake of argument let’s just focus on the school/town itself before we talk X’s and O’s. Ok, get yourself in the frame of an 18 year old male’s mind (it may be more difficult for some of you old blue hairs).

The shallow part of me thinks that a high school blue chipper would prefer his “W’s” to represent weather and women before wins. However, as I take a look at the BCS top 25, I have to scratch my head a bit and wonder how in the hell some of these teams are still relevant. When I was in the 5th grade, Mr. Weisheit, asked the class to list the top 5 places we would like to live when we grow up. I don’t specifically remember what I wrote down but I can guarantee that none of the five places included the states of Oklahoma, Alabama, Michigan,Wisconsin, Idaho, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, or Texas. So why are schools residing in these states still dominating college football? After giving it some thought, I have realized that 18 year olds are not quite as superficial as I thought… well at least in their priorities. There are several reasons why these schools continue to excel in athletics, ranging from financial, media exposure, to sentimentality.  I have compiled the top factors of choosing an institute of higher learner from a 2011 football player’s perspective:







  • BCS contender: Does your school have the potential to win a National title annually?
  • Loyalty: My Grandfather was a Badger, my father was a Badger, my brother was a Badger, I grew up rooting for the Badgers, and therefore I want to become a Badger.
  • NFL potential: Are you going to give me the chance to get drafted/paid?
  • Climate: Can I wear shorts year-round or will I be playing in that cold white substance that falls from the sky?
  • Scenery (both landscape and women): Can the girls wear shorts year-round? And do I even want to see that? 





  • Spotlight: How many National televised games will we play?
  • Tradition: Why are those nuts ringing cowbells?
  • Fan support: Is there going to be 100,000 butts in the seats? 





  • Style (colors, uniforms, sponsors): How good will I look?
  • Facilities: How big are the big screens in the locker room?
  • How far from home?: Can my family come watch me play?
  • Head Coach: Have I heard of you before?
  • Academics: Does your school offer a degree in communications?

I still firmly believe that weather and women have a lot to do with a blue chipper choosing a school, but if that were the only, or even the main criteria, then explain to me why someone would choose Stillwater, Oklahoma over sunny Southern California? Hmmm, beautiful weather, Hollywood, Snoop and Will Ferrell frequent your locker room, close enough to the beach, gorgeous women, a rich tradition of Heisman trophy winners, NFL stars, and National Championships (revoked or not). I feel that a visit to campus alone would sell me.  

Notre Dame: Tradition, Rudy, Touchdown Jesus, South Bend, Indiana???  


Nebraska: (Or any mid-west school for that matter): Tradition, Heismans, National Championships, cornfields, cold/windy winters.


Penn State: Linebacker U, Joe Pa (enough said)


Florida State: Again, warm weather, savory women (See Jen Sterger photo above, or just ask Bret Favre), and not to mention the best looking helmets in all of football.

Oregon: The Pacific Northwest, unlimited nike money/facilities/equipment/women/and a modern tradition of winning and being in the spotlight.

LSU: Unmatched fan base, titles, NFLers, and oh yeah Winning duh

I could run down the long list of schools and make a case for each one but instead I’ll repeat the question and allow you freaks to answer it below in the comments. If you were a blue chip senior high school recruit where would you choose to play college football if you had your pick? and tell me why.




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  1. Truth sayer says:

    Saturday night in “deaf valley”! Enough said

  2. BWP says:

    If you’re going to highlight the ‘women and weather’ aspect to football, the University of Hawaii starts at the top of the list….

    But if you want to play the best football against the best competition in order to prepare for an NFL opportunity, then the Xs and Os must be the top priority. Thus, research into the Assistant coaches becomes more important than the head coach; the head coach may set the standard and direction but the teachers are the Assistants. Right now, Boise State and LSU appear to be excellent schools for the ‘skilled’ positions such as QB and WR….FSU and Clemson for O linemen, Georgia and Pitt for D linemen.

    Me? My ‘old blue hair’ sends me to Northern Arizona: women, weather, and close to the wilderness.

    Good writing, Craig!

  3. Dave says:

    I have no connection, nor have I ever been to Eugene but I would say Oregon would near the top of my list for reasons you listed. Their flashy both in style and offense. One thing you didn’t mention was ESPN/sportscenter/college gameday/commercial coverage and highlights. In today’s media fast world most people don’t watch entire games but rely on the highlights on sportscenter. Teams like Oregon seem to “flock” to it. If I had my pick, I’d be a duck.

  4. BB says:

    Growing up in Oklahoma, and as a Sooner fan at that, I’d have to say OU of course. Plus, that choice would give me ample opportunities to showcase my skill set, including the highly coveted, uncanny knack for mental meltdowns just when my team is gearing up for a run at a possible title. Of course, we’ll never know what part I might have played in the dreams of a state crashing to the rain-soaked turf in Norman. Oh well…

  5. OldDawg55 says:

    The name should give it away…the University of Georgia…I came there as a walk-on, having turned down several schools because it was predestined..my Dad graduated in ’31 and there was never a doubt. Just stepping on Sanford’s grass between the hedges was the ultimate high!

  6. Zach says:

    I grew up near Lubbock a die hard Red Raider fan and hated anything maroon or burnt orange; but if I were a “blue chipper” without question I would blaspheme in my fathers house and become a longhorn in a second. facilities are insane, they win, and women in Austin make your teeth sweat.

  7. CPODawg says:

    Georgia Because the dawgs have been my favorite football team as far as I can remember watching football and a dream that would come true knowing that hundreds like me right now would kill to have a shot at suting up for their childhood and adulthood favorite teams Georgia, no doubts or regrets

  8. JS says:

    I am a UGA fan & they have a beautiful campus, also in the SEC. But, having a limited knowledge of other D-1 campuses. I will say I can see why Dabo is getting recruits to Clemson. It is an awesome campus, with a great “college feel” to it.

  9. Kevin McKnight says:

    I have this debate with several friends on a regular basis. As you mentioned, position comes into play quite a bit. As a Southerner, its pretty difficult to want to go anywhere else to play football than in the south, SEC, FSU, The “U” etc…However, the power of playing for Texas would be almost too much to turn down. You are everyone’s “Super Bowl”, I love the all White uni’s, play for titles etc…The only drawback is its not the SEC, but taking bias out its pretty difficult not to mention Texas at the top.

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