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Well, here we are three weeks into this still young season. Hey, I thought it would be a welcome break from all this “Super” Conference banter to check out early leaders for the coveted PR trophy, The Heisman.

Now please keep in mind these are in no particular order, just the players who seem to, at least to this point, garner the potential numbers to be considered.

  • Andrew Luck- By all accounts, certainly the pre-season favorite. Certainly at this point he isn’t putting up such incredible numbers. His current completion percentage is 67%, down from 71% a year ago. Average 9.3 yd. per completion and overall QB rating of 173.4. Currently he has 8 TD’s and 1 Int, and has thrown for 786 yds. Clearly, he will have to work to duplicate last year’s numbers; 3338 total yds. 32 TD’S  and 8 Int. I would say we will have to wait and see on Mr. Luck. In retrospect, he may have been wiser to jump ship to the NFL while his stock was high.


  • Landry Jones- Hey, the guy is a great leader and led his team to an impressive victory Saturday night over FSU; not so sure it wasn’t on the back of his “D” though. Was it just me or did he seem to have “deer in the headlights” look some against a very fast FSU defense. Landry, similar to A. Luck compiled some very impressive numbers in 2010, not sure he will even come close to those numbers in 2011. Here is a comparison, 2010 total yds. 4718, 2011 to date 574 total yds., 2010 TD’S 38 2011 to date 2. One thing that certainly never hurts is if you lead your team to a National Championship, this certainly looks possible for Mr. Jones.


  • Michael Dyer- This guy is totting the rock like a man, and without Cammy Cam, he is carrying his team as well. Michael currently has 358 rushing yards (7.5 per carry), and six touchdowns. If he continues at this pace against some very tough SEC defenses he will end up with some very impressive numbers.


  • Marcus Lattimore- Speaking of running like a man. Is it just me, or does this guy remind you of some of the old school tailbacks in the SEC ala Walker,Jackson,Rogers. BTW all the aforementioned brought home the trophy. Lattimore seems to get stronger as the game progresses. Barring injuries from Spurrier running him to death (avg. 30 carries per gm.). If Marcus stays at his current pace (534 yds. 7 TD’s) it will be hard for voters to ignore him.


  • LaMichael James- Certainly an outstanding candidate.  Current numbers not very impressive 325 rushing yards (7.7 per carry, three TD’s). However, you have to factor in facing the NFL defense known as LSU in week 1.


  • Denard Robinson- Denard’s stats ( 531 passing yards ,9.7 per pass, six touchdowns, four interceptions) aren’t overly impressive but dang, he sure is fun to watch. I still think he  may be the best player in the land. Just not sure the win loss record at the end will help with voters.       


           I am sure there are some more great players out there worthy of discussions that I haven’t mentioned. I would love to hear from readers on their thoughts.



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  1. David D says:

    Kellen Moore has been pretty good so far. Last week he threw for 455 yds and 5 TDS on top of having an impressive win over UGA in week one.

    I’m with you on Denard Robinson, the guy is a freak. Very entertaining, but I wonder if the Ls will hurt his chances.

    Oh, and it’s never too early for Heisman talk. Nice work

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