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Posted by on July 18th, 2011 in blog, Jeff Siverhus | 2 Comments

Check out who isn’t worth their salary and who is giving more value than the pay reflects.



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  1. Thad says:

    Head Coaches are worth what they can demand as an individual. We can use them as our scape goats to say they are the man in charge, but we all know it takes a TEAM to be successful. The team goes far beyond all the glitz and glamour we see on Saturday afternoon. I believe everyone has to do their part from the high school recruiting staff, the office management, all the way up to the man in charge, including the janitor. I also think it goes beyond just good team work. There is a perception and or reality in our society that some teams are better than others. If Steve Spurrier had the staff, the recruiting, and the Hoopla that he had at Gainesville, the Gamecock’s could be a National Powerhouse.
    GO Gator’s
    Love the Ole Quarterback Coach!!

  2. jeff says:

    great read

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