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Week 1 top 25 recap and other notables.


Some things to take away from the opening week…..and what’s next.


  1. #5 Boise State VS #19 Georgia- Georgia opens every season ranked in the top 25 yet I’m not sure they’ve ever finished a season higher than their pre-season ranking. Oh yea…Boise State is really good and will move up in the rankings.


  1. #3 Oregon VS # 4 LSU- LSU took advantage of the “neutral” site field in Dallas at Oregon’s expense…in spite of recent off the field issues. Kudos to both teams for putting it on the line in week 1. LSU is good and will probably jump over Bama.


  1. #14 TCU VS  Baylor- Even the coaches were cramping in this one. One of the best College Football games I’ve watched and big ups to Baylor for holding off the toads late run. What does this do to TCU’s confidence?


  1. Notre Dame VS South Florida- Ouch to the Irish…5 turnovers will likely not get you a W. At least the Irish have a favorable schedule and would not say all is lost…just yet.


  1. #23 Auburn VS Utah State- a Win is a win. The defending champs winning by two points at home to Utah State. I’m going to give some credit to Utah State here for pushing the champs around for at least a bit.
  2. #25 USC VS Minnesota- Hey Lane… Remember the old fashioned extra point kick? Come one.


  1. #11 Wisconsin VS UNLV- Mr. Wilson looked good. Wisco looked good.Madison looked good. Look out Big 10. They are going to crush UNLV. Probably a top 5 ranked team here in the badgers.


  1. #7 Stanford VS San Jose State- 57-3 victory over a team that you’re not exactly supposed to beat that way. Andrew Luck and Defense looked superb forcing 6 fumbles and allowing only 3 points. This is your Pac 12 team.


  1. Colorado VS Hawaii-Welcome to the Pac 12 Colorado. Next week try to compete at least.


  1. BIG 12- Breaking up is hard to do but nice job to the 10 current representing members all handling there business…some prettier than others. Mizzu and Iowa State…cutting it pretty close ehh? Big games upcoming for Texas at BYU and OK at FSU in two weeks. The SEC and Big 12 now boast 6 programs each among the top 25 with Texas and Baylor moving in.


  1. Sac State VS Oregon State- You were that team this year OSU (and Duke and Indiana)….noooooooooo. Congrats to Sacramento, Ball State and Richmond respectively.


  1. Washington VS Eastern Washington- the defending 1AA champs give the huskies a big scare. Is EWU legit or is was UW exposed? Way to Rep Big Sky!


Other notable actions and Scores that speak for themselves.


-        Rutgers 48 – NC Central 0- Things could be moving on the Jersey shore.


-        Cincinatti 72 – Austin Peay 10- I know it was Austin peay…but it is 72 pts.


-        Mississippi State 59 VS Memphis 14- Moving in the right direction here…


-        Northwestern 24 VS Boston College 17- I love this storyline…in hostile territory. Not a bad way to introduce a back up QB.


WHAT I’m looking forward to in week 2 and noteworthy matchups-


TEXAS VS BYU- A Critical matchup for both Programs. BYU is coming off a big W at Ole’ Miss while Texas jumps into the top 25 after beating up on Rice and looks promising with the rise of freshman receiver Shipley and the rest of the 18 true freshman starters at Texas. Yea… 18.  Game of the week for me.


Northern Colorado VS Colorado State-I’ll be in Fort Collins personally for this one and am excited to see if my Alma Mater UNCO can rebound after a horrific loss to Lindenwood in Coach Ernest Collins return to Greeley. Bad news for CSU is that they likely passed on a lot of these players so they’ll be hungry. I’ll be thirsty and have an afternoon of brewery tours lined up…I mean… writing football blogs.


Oklahoma ST. VS Arizona and Missouri VS ASU- A nice looking preview at the soon to be pac 16 conference?


Iowa State vs Iowa-  Is it still a rivalry if Iowa wins by 50?


Miss State #16 VS Auburn- Let’s see if MSU is for real.


#3 Alabama VS #23 Penn State- More than a feeling…?


#25 TCU VS Airforce- It’s how you respond when you’re thrown a curve ball right? Look out… Airforce is tricky.


Tennessee VS Cincinatti- I wonder what the over under is on this one….?


UTAH VS USC- Not much to say here except should be a fun game to watch.


NOTRE DAME vs. Michigan- It’s been an interesting 10 years for both programs…who’s heading in the right direction?


Colorado VS CAL- I imagine both teams showing up to the stadium in 1967 Volkswagen busses with “Free Tibet” bumper stickers tact in masses on the sides and back. Who do I like in this ultimate liberal U showdown?… (insert Howard Dean Scream here) Cal by 80.





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  1. Realist says:

    If NoCo and Colo State are competing for “the states 2nd best team” , then where is CU slotted? Certainly Air Force is the best team in CO (which I guess shows how sad CFB is in that state).

  2. Buff Fan says:

    Hard to stomach your CU smack, when it’s immediately followed by UNC love. The only thing worse than playing Lindenwood, is losing to Lindenwood……at home. Did Greeley Central have a scheduling conflict? Good luck this week competing for the state’s second best team.

  3. CB says:

    Texas better pack a lunch this week. The cougs are strong, and it doesn’t hurt that their average age player is 27.5 yrs old.

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