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Twas the Monday after the best and most emotional football weekend I can recall in a long time. And despite my lingering dehydration from the weekends activities, getting killed by Vegas odds, getting crushed in Fantasy and making some calls in last weeks updates which proved erroneous, I’m pumped to offer my two cents…cautiously.


  1. #24TEXAS VS BYU: 17-16…My game of the week. Big up’s to longhorn nation for holding off the “stormin mormins”. Texas pulled Gilbert and made pulled out a squeaker. Looks like things could be moving in the right direction here.


  1. #9 OkState  VS AZ:  37-14…I didn’t envision OKstate handing it to the cats the way they did. Big up’s to the “Boys” here. This team is legit


  1. #21 Mizzu VS AZst: 30-37…The Devils outlast Mizzu in OT…heck of a game if you don’t live inMissouri.


  1. #1 Oklahoma VS BYE: 100-0…Congrats to the Sooners for kicking the c#%% out of the bye week and not only holding on to the #1 spot but becoming the first team to hold the mark 100 times since the rankings began in 1936


  1. #12 SC vs Georgia: 45-42: Nice W for the “Ole Ball Coach”… Georgia is now 0-2 and out of the picture, again. A tough way to start the year with 2 ranked teams and 0 W’s.


  1. #16 Miss St. VS Auburn: 34-41…What a weekend for Auburn, Cam Newton included. Nice W for the reigning champs. Not many saw this upset.


  1. Iowa St VS Iowa:  44-41…I predicted a massacre and Iowa State get’s there upset for the year against their biggest Rival. See you next year Iowa. Iowa State, You’re 2-0. Clones.


  1. MichiganVS Notre Dame: 35-31…Notre Dame starts the season 2-0 with another impressive…wait! The Irish Blow another one? Guiness is for the Irish, Coffee is for Closers!


  1. #3 Bama VS #23  Penn State: 27-11… About what we expected, but I think a lot of us hoped Joe Pa still had something up his sleeve.


  1. #25 TCU VS Air force: 35-19…A nice W for TCU against a tricky Air force squad. A tough week for Colorado squads, a solid week for the state of Texas.



What to look forward to in Week 3…


  1. #1 Oklahoma VS #5 Florida State- LET’S GIVE’M THE CHOP! With the exception of a few rivalry matchups, a replay of the 2001 national championship game (the U vs The Oh state), I think the whole nation will be tuned in to this showdown between these two powerhouse’s. I haven’t checked the line but I’m sure OK is favored. However, they’re heading into native country and FSU has not only DESTROYED its first two opponents but looks more confident than I’ve seen this team in years. Prediction?…Seminoles -2.


- Finally, Kudos to the entirety of Football in America this weekend for showing incredible passion and respect for the anniversary of 9/11. Football at every level proves to the highest extent that it is often more than a game and is in fact, a symbol of strength, respect and integrity only further embodying the American Spirit and. Thanks again to all of the servicemen and women throughout this country for your service. And condolences to those truly affected by the events 10 years ago and since.




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  1. Dmac says:

    Typical Hawkeye B.S.

    ISU – 1
    Iowa – 0

    But for 3 fumbles and 2 missed field goals, Iowa isn’t even in the game. Maybe next year your boys can “put their heart and soul” into the “easy W.”

  2. Jason Hildenbrand says:

    Well said “iowa dave”… We were talking the other day about how Iowa State seems to have 1 major upset every year…and then #Q%$ the bed the rest of the year. Too bad it was at the Hawkeye’s expense.

  3. Iowa Dave says:

    Iowa State is worthless; they don’t care about winning another game all year. The clones put all of their heart and soul into the Iowa game every year while the Hawkeyes look at it as an easy W. Too bad they blow a “rival” game like that. Iowa lost it, ISU didn’t win it.

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