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With Spring Practice’s scheduled to begin for most schools in the next several weeks, what does a CFB FREAK do in the mean time? Well, we can check out the current leaders in the mythical “Fulmer Cup” standings. For those that aren’t aware, this dubious award goes to the D-1 football program, whose players created the most mayhem and donned the police blotters with their John Hancock’s. 







Stay tuned; with spring break in full swing and many players headed for wild and warm parties, I am sure these numbers could change.



Points are scored for each charge received by players (players must be on the team roster at the time of the offense).

The scoring for the Fulmer Cup is imprecise — murder is 5 points; rape, bestiality, and grand larceny are 4 points; assault et al. are 3; drug possession et al. are 2; and misdemeanors are 1 point. Bonus points are awarded for arrests that occur under interesting and unusual circumstances.

In order to be eligible to win the Fulmer Cup, a school must have more than one player charged (a school may not win the cup on the basis of a single player’s criminal record; this is known as the Ellis T. Jones III Rule, named after the San Jose State wide receiver who in 2006 was accumulated 31 points by himself having been charged with 13 felony counts, including robbery, assault, and kidnapping). However, the Ellis T. Jones III Award is given to the player with the single highest point total.

Ironically, despite being associated with the award’s namesake, the University of Tennessee has never even approached winning the cup. Three other SEC schools, Auburn, Alabama and Georgia have won the cup, yet Tennessee has finished near the bottom of the top ten only once.


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