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In a lovely tribute to the game of soccer, Vancouver Canucks fans celebrated their 4-0 Stanley Cup Game 7 drubbing at the paws of the Boston Bruins by rioting in the streets (isn’t 4-0 like two safeties or something?).  Anyway, the images streaming in from Vancouver were fabulous, with policemen in riot gear, fires raging, and vehicles stripped and burned.  Canadian Olympic hopefuls (well, at least one) even got caught up in the melee, and photographic evidence of (his) part may send his Olympic dreams crashing to the scarred streets of Vancouver.  Like any other good riot, Woodstock gathering, etc., it featured the obligatory scantily-clad young women, in full support of their rage-filled beaus.  Why the rage?  As with any such event, who knows?  Is the city itself to blame?  Was it the Toyota Prius’ fault for parking near the drinking establishments filled with heart-broken Canucks fans?  The world will likely never know.

So what does all this have to do with our beloved game of intercollegiate football?  Well, I for one would like to think that it may serve to provide some perspective on life, sports, and the frequent meeting of the two.  I am trying to imagine how such a response would play out on the streets of Oklahoma City following one of my beloved Sooners’ many flame-outs in BCS title games during the past decade.  Aside from the fact that 9 out of 10 Oklahomans are armed, and the first idiot to light a car on fire would likely meet the rounded end of a cartridge, I just don’t see it happening to begin with.  Nor do I on the streets of Baton Rouge or Tuscaloosa or Ann Arbor (as if the SEC will ever lose such a match or the Wolverines will find themselves in another one).  As passionate as we are about this game, we have historically managed to cling to our last fibers of sanity and civility following the disappointments that eventually accompany our relationships with our teams (and I do mean our very last fibers).  Friends, let this remain the case!

So, in closing, as fall draws near and we are checking each Saturday off the calendar in anticipation, let us not forget that we are, in fact, dealing with but a game.  Sure, beat your wives and children, but save the streets of your cities!  I’m only kidding about the beatings, of course.  My wife would straight-up own me in a fight, and my three young boys would send me in pieces down the Red River if I went after any one of them.  I’m not sure where that last part came from.  Maybe from Mel Gibson in The Patriot.  In an unrelated thought, where do the burning couches come from that are always so prominently featured in any decent riot?  I mean, these events usually happen downtown, don’t they?  Does a local furniture store make an impromptu donation to the cause?  “Come on down to Francois’ Furniture Forum, proud sponsor of the 2011 Canucks hockey riot”.

So, in closing, after my prior attempt at closing, and on another completely unrelated note, I need to say that I’m disheartened that so many seem to think the Sooners belong at #1 in the preseason rankings.  Thanks, media, for artificially propping up the egos of these young men, because we all know that 18-22-year-old college football players really need such a boost.  The true test will be whether or not they can survive a visit during week 4 from Ball State.  I’m being only marginally facetious…



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