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This was Nick Saban’s Wednesday post practice press conference.

WOW…were to begin. Coach Saban completely berated and verbally abused the writers, for what you ask? Because apparently some stories had been written about the inferiority of Alabama’s upcoming opponent; The Hilltoppers from Western Kentucky. Apparently Nick is having a difficult time convincing his boys that WKU is a formidable foe and he saw fit to blame the writers for this.

NEWSFLASH…They aren’t. They are a pay day game and schedule filler. There is no shame in that, but to blame the sportswriters because you are having a hard time keeping your boys grounded is hypocrisy. He goes on to blame the system of  discussing and analyzing games for all the ills of the world. This is what people tune in to SportsCenter for…..DUH.


Is it just me, or was Nick Saban way out of line for basically attempting to bully the press into just writing “feel good stories” so he can keep his guys grounded?

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