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Well, let’s face it; So many times we have these “Epic” games that are hyped by everyone from ESPN down that end up underwhelming us. Not so in Saturday’s long awaited matchup between LSU/Alabama. This game proved once again that defense wins Championships!!!! It is not unreasonable to say that both defense’s have potentially 8-10 guys that will be playing on Sunday’s in the near future. In the era of fast paced spread offenses, where the goal is to see just how many plays you can run. I for one thoroughly enjoyed a good old fashioned defensive slugfest.

This game resembled two heavyweight boxers standing toe to toe in the middle of the ring for 12 rounds. The bonus was, it was a draw after 12 rounds and we had an additional bonus round.

It doesn’t appear that it will be in the cards for a rematch National Championship game, but you never know, I have always been opposed to this scenario. However you would be hard pressed to say there are two better teams in college football than Alabama and LSU judging by what I have seen.

Come on all you FREAKS, we want your opinion on a potential rematch or thoughts on the game………

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  1. DP says:

    that game was exactly what you want to see from 2 SEC teams slugging it out…. even though there were no TD’s, the drama of the game was unbelievable. I’d love to see a rematch!

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