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As the 2011 season vastly approaches, a number of schools have opted for a facelift in hopes of scoring big. Perhaps they have seen one too many episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County; although these teams are not digging for gold, but rather a crystal football symbolizing the nation’s champion. Gear Guru Dan Pierson offers his report card on the matter.


ASU – I’m torn on this one… on one hand I thought the “Sparky the Sun Devil” logo was great, but on the other hand the trident is a good look.  It looks like they’ll compromise and put the Sparky logo on the back of the helmet.  The all-black look (especially with the flat-black helmet) is pretty sharp… but I feel like everyone has a black-out uni these days, so the originality is lacking.  I do like the “ASU” on the sleeves.  Grade = B

TCU – Not a huge change, but still intriguing… I kinda like how the sleeves are 2-color to match up with an undershirt, that’s a clean look.  The numbers are a little odd, but actually work pretty well with the font used on the “TCU” logo on the helmet. Grade = B+


Maryland – new coach, new unis for the Terps this year.  They added black (gotta keep up with the Jones’s) and yellow unis for 2011, and I gotta say I really like the yellows.  I could do without the little semi-circle stripe below the back numbers… although maybe it’ll look better on any jersey other than 88 (makes it look like a smiley face to me).  Grade = B-

Ok State – not a drastic change, actually looks like they’re going towards the “Pro Combat” style uniform full-time.  I’m a sucker for the flat black helmet, and this one is almost a gun-metal color.  Also like the silver-ish helmet.  Best part is the Pistol Pete logo on the hip.  Grade = C+

 Washington St – the worst BCS-conference squad in the nation is trying to put new stripes on the skunk.  The uniform itself is fairly plain, and that’s not a bad thing.  The red and grey is very sharp.  I could do without the “gray-out” uni though, particularly the silver-on-gray helmet.  My opinion is they should’ve kept the “Cougars” helmet pictured below as at least an alternate.  Grade = C+


Penn St – not a huge overhaul, rather a minor change.  Basically they’re removing the white trim from the neckline on their home jerseys (I can’t determine if they’re doing the same on the roadies).  While not a significant change, I think it’s a bad one.  I realize Penn St is the definition of old-school football, but these unis go a little too far in that respect… they look like cheap high school practice tops.  Grade = C-

 Kentucky – another school going with the “Pro Combat” look basically full-time.  I really like the new white helmet, definitely a clean look with the single blue stripe down the middle.  Also, the neck logo and design is pretty solid.  However, the checkerboard pattern on the sleeves is awful… that crap wouldn’t even work at Tennessee.  Grade = C+

Houston – not a permanent change, rather they’re just breaking out some throwbacks for Homecoming.  Nothing much to say here, these unis are classic and quite sharp.  I’d probably switch to them full-time if it were up to me.  Bonus points for the dude in the pic giving the shocker.  Grade = A


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  1. Connor Pierson says:

    The OK State jerseys were one of the best ones up there and only got a C+ rating. But those Penn State jerseys sucked for sure.

  2. Jason Hildenbrand says:

    Like your call with Houston. Penn State… ehh.

    Ok State…Handsome.

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