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Apparently some of us (me) were too busy mulling over the possible routes Oklahoma could still take to the national championship game to notice that Notre Dame might actually be good.  Against Oklahoma last Saturday night, they looked like, dare I say, an SEC team.  They had a consistent running game, a great run defense, and a quarterback that made clutch plays all night long.  They seem capable of not only squashing any Sooner title hopes, but also have themselves nicely positioned for a shot of their own.  Were it a year from now, the Irish would nearly be a shoe-in for a coveted final four slot by winning out, but even now they may only need one undefeated ahead of them to stumble, or portray so much as a hint of weakness, and they are in the title game.


Oklahoma had a couple of rally-killing plays that helped derail them against Notre Dame on Saturday night in Norman, but who doesn’t when playing a good team?  If you need proof, watch Alabama play anybody, and just sit and wait for their opponent to implode about three seconds after you think they may be able to hang with the Tide for a few quarters. 


I’d like to spell that Irish linebacker’s name for you, but I may be here all night, so I’ll just say that #5 on defense (and the one on offense for that matter) is as advertised. I’m pretty sure he accounted for every single tackle for Notre Dame.  With a not-as-good-as-advertised USC being their only remaining ranked opponent, don’t be too surprised if the Irish are playing in the last game of the season, or at least have a strong argument as to why they should have been. 


Big Times in The Little Apple


You have to wonder how much Bill Snyder paid to get the naming rights for Bill Snyder Family Stadium, but I’m thinking Kansas State got a deal.  I’m kidding, of course.  If this second stint of his at Kansas State, which is somehow maybe more impressive than the first, culminates in even a birth in the title game, we will likely see Manhattan, KS become Bill Snydertonfieldville or some such name.  The amount of football success he has brought to that university is mind-boggling. 


After hearing stories from Bob Stoops’ staff (those that Stoops brought to Norman from K-State) about how hard Snyder worked and how anti-family the work-first mentality he possessed was, it’s been a challenge for me to like the man at all, but in football speak, whatever he’s doing is working.  The Wildcats have four Big 12 foes standing between them and a date with Alabama/Notre Dame/Oregon/somebody else, and they’ve been playing like they’re very serious about going on that date. 


Being one of five unbeatens remaining, a group that includes an undefeated Louisville team that simply lacks the schedule to be taken seriously, this could very well be the year of the Silver Fox.

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  1. Helmy says:

    If Oklahoma were to lose, Texas Tech wins the Big 12 south because they have the head to head anavdtage. And if they win the Big 12, Texas fans who are pointing to their win over OU as clear proof that they deserve to be ahead of Oklahoma in the rankings will get really quiet all of a sudden. I don’t see how anyone could justify taking Texas over Texas Tech for the NC game if Texas Tech wins the conference AND beat Texas head to head. The logic that Texas fans seem to be employing is that Tech should be have no shot at the NC based on how bad OU beat them, but OU should not get any credit for how bad they beat Tech.

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