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If you’re offended by someone having a man crush on LSU’s defense, I think now’s a good time to look away, because the following could be uncomfortable for you.  There, with my disclaimer out of the way, did anyone else catch the mauling that the Tiger defense put on the hapless Bulldogs of Mississippi State Thursday night?  It seemed at times that MSU simply forgot to include an offensive line prior to snapping the ball.  LSU’s endless rotation of man-eaters, or at least dog-eaters, had Dan Mullen’s Bulldogs so discombobulated that they may have been better served just punting on first down and trying their own hand at defense for the entirety of the contest.  I’m not convinced that LSU’s offense is in the top fifty in the country, but I’m equally unconvinced that it even matters.


Unfortunately, I had to miss the big LSU-Oregon showdown a couple of weeks ago, save for some of the second half, but now I find myself wondering how Oregon managed to score 27 points.  This Tiger D has given up a full 9 points in the two games since, and they probably feel like complete failures for letting that happen.  After watching highlights of the Oregon game, I initially tried to excuse it away for Oregon by the old “well, if they hadn’t fumbled, or if they hadn’t (fill in your time-tested excuse), then they would have won”.  Well, they didn’t, and they probably turned the ball over four times because they were more concerned about preserving their own lives than maintaining possession of a stupid brown ball.


Let me just say for the record that I am so ready for the SEC to be dethroned that I can’t see straight, and only because my favorite team is not in the SEC and I’m jealous.  No, I’ll take it one step further.  I’m so jealous of what they have that I don’t want them to have it either, which officially crosses that invisible line into the world of all-out envy.  Having said that, I still try to call it like I see it, and I see a defense that makes me wonder if my beloved Sooners could come up with a first down or two, let alone 30 or 40 points.  I still hope we get a chance to find out.


Yes, I’m fully prepared for the all-too-obvious retort, bringing into question the legitimacy of this MSU offense.  It’s a fair question, but I’m still clinging to my bromance with the Tiger D for now, at least until they meet up with Alabama.  There’s never a dull moment when you have a red tide, an angry pachyderm, and several tigers on the same field.



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  1. JS says:

    I watched this game & thought WOW. If the adage is true that defense wins championships; I think it is. Then LSU make keep the BCS streak going.

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